2021 Collective Dharma pick a card

I wanted to pull some collective Dharma energy cards as we have entered into a new year. Right now we don’t even realize that karmic debts are being paid, karmic healing is taking place and Dharmas are being revealed. The cards you choose are either a message of what you need to transmute right now as we enter 2021 in order to moved forward or what you need to embrace in order to rise in your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. These cards show you what needs worked through first. I want you to really let your intuition guide you in this. If you’re drawn to multiple cards that’s ok. On the other side of each image is a word and the teachings of Buddha associated to this word. Pick a card or cards that you’re drawn to. I will update this post with a link to the messages tomorrow.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Dharma Cards by, Priya Hemenway

Card 1 is The Elephant

The Elephant

Buddha’s teachings are unlink any others. He is simply and incredibly clear. He doesn’t try to interfere and he doesn’t try to do the work for you. He insists, again and again, that you must do it for yourself. Like the Elephant who pulls himself out of the mud, you must free yourself from ignorance. You must bring light to your dark.

Wake up and practice watching. The Elephant represents discipline. This is the key to your growing awareness. Awareness is not your mind. You do not watch with your mind. You watch your mind.

As the thoughts in your mind begin to disappear, you’ll be left with a silence that is profound. As the silence grows your misery will disappear. Your confusion will go. Your fears and your misunderstandings— all will pull on you, and the desires that keep you wanting more will cease to exist. All this space that opens up will be filled with a fresh, new energy. You’ll begin to live life with enthusiasm and you will not yearn for anything. You will be fulfilled.

Card 2 is Distractions


As long as you are preoccupied with your desires you cannot know the real wealth you carry within. You must create a little distance from your cravings. Look for a small space that rests between what you had yesterday and what you want tomorrow. This space is the present moment, and once you find it, you will begin to know the real richness of your being.

Taste becomes more enjoyable when your mind is not busy with its distractions. Your touch becomes more sensitive; and you see and hear more. You will have many more pleasurable sensations when you are not thinking so continuously. You will laugh and your seriousness will disappear.

It is fine to enjoy your wealth— whether it’s external or internal. Life is abundant and happiness is a wonderful thing. Allow riches and abundance in your life, but don’t try to possess them. The moment you do, you quickly become their slave.

Card 3 is The World

The World

Buddha does not tell you to believe what he says. Belief will not help you. Instead he enjoins you to consider the idea that the world is a bubble, a mirage, and to consider its illusionary nature: he suggests you look upon the world as an object that has no significance, but he does not tell you that it is so.

You must take your time, and not jump to any conclusion. Don’t turn your back on the world just because someone says it has no meaning. It is important to engage with the world, to know its many aspects. Don’t be persuaded to take a particular view of something without determining for yourself how it is.

Your mind is very tricky and it is easy to believe things that aren’t true. It is awareness you are practicing; not belief. You must learn to be attentive to the ways of the mind. Move away from ignorance. Your own light will shine clear when your mind has ceased in its tendency to believe what others say.

Card 4 is The Way

The Way

Following the Eightfold Way is different than believing it will save you. You must listen with an open heart to what Buddha says. He speaks of rightness— right effort, right speech, right mindfulness— and he means that you must walk as if on a tightrope. Don’t lean to the left; don’t lean to the right. Don’t judge and don’t try to understand. Move like a river and go wherever the current takes you.

The Four Noble Truths are not Laws to follow, they simply point to a reality. Buddha says that life is full of suffering. He says there is a cause for this suffering and it lies with the desired mind that never leaves you alone. He says that there is a state where this suffering completely disappears. And he says there is a way to find this state.

The meditation that Buddha proposes you to use is simple— just learn to be watchful. This is the extent of Buddha’s teaching. It is so easy. So quickly— get ready to begin.

Card 5 is Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

You are on a journey of discovery. What are you searching for? It’s important to ask. Buddha says you must proceed with no idea about what you will find. If you expect something to be there, you may create it in your imagination. If you say you are looking for truth, you may come up with something else and not know it. You may pass by things that are tremendously important.

If you say you are looking for yourself, you already presume something exists that will look like you. But maybe it’s not so. Be careful as you identify things, and don’t try to reproduce what others have found. Treat each discovery like a scientist. Determine details and relationships without any regard for what you’ve been told. What you find will certainly be something no one else has found before, because it resides in you.

You are the watcher; you are the witness. Determine who this witness is and where it resides. And if you can see this part of yourself, then ask again, who is seeing?

Card 6 is Empty Your Boat

Empty Your Boat

Empty your boat. Lighten your load. Buddha is saying, “Don’t carry any baggage.” Meditate and many things will disappear. Then your boat will be lighter. The first of these are lust, desire, and hatred.

There are five obsessions you need to watch for: selfishness, doubt, pseudo, spirituality, passion, and hatred. Discover them and your boat will be lighter. There are five less obvious obsessions that hide just behind the first ones. You must find them too: lust for life, longing for birth in a higher realm, vanity, patience, and pretension.

There are five strengths you will want to welcome in. They are trust, vigilance , energy, meditation and wisdom.

And there are five more obsessions that you will leave behind when you cross over to the other shore. These are greed, loathing, delusion, pride, and false teaching.

Card 7 is The Master

The Master

Remain the way you are and you are a slave to your mind. Become aware and you are the master. The journey from one to the other is a journey that changes everything. Once fully awakened to the nature of your mind and who you really are, you will be free— free of desires, free of longing, free of all the pushing and pulling that makes you who you have been for so long.

Why is it so difficult to embark on the path to awaken? Because you don’t know where you’re going. There are no maps for this journey. You’ll be on your own; and no one will be there to guide you. You will search for something you have never seen before, and you have no idea what you will find. No one knows what’s inside of you, so it will be up to you to take each step.

It take tremendous courage to move towards freedom. It’s take tremendous daring to go where there’s no one to follow. It takes tremendous eagerness to stop postponing and to leap into the unknown. But, says Buddha, you will find joy.

Card 8 is The Body

The Body

Life, as we know it, is futile. It is meaningless, and we feel very accidental. We search for ways to feel significant, for ways to feel we are needed, and we lose ourselves in actions that count for nothing. This is how we forget the anguish of the fire that burns us. We become preoccupied and race around in circles.

Buddha says that those who understand that the world is burning are fortunate. This is what happens when, in his youth, he turned his back on the palace he had been raised in. He did not renounce that world. He did not go looking for an escape. Buddha renounced the illusions he had been led to believe.

To see the world as burning is the first step in your transformation. It is the lamp you pick up as you begin to find a new way. Use the lamp of mediation to look at your life, the transitory nature of your body, and to discover the eternal treasure that lives within. To pick up the lamp is to begin a life in which you cast light on the things you hadn’t wanted to see.

8 thoughts on “2021 Collective Dharma pick a card”

  1. Thank you, I picked 6 & 7. I couldnt look away from either card. They both resign are for me so much as I feel as if I have lost my sense of calm and awareness. I’ve been so stressed that I have not made time in over a year for meditation and self care.


  2. So grateful for your cards, a picked the 2, 6 and 7 and I really feel involved in it! You are just amazing, thank you for your light and love 💕


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