Oracle Readings

Hi beautiful souls! I am Kimberly Hasty and I’m one of the co-creators of Moon Sisters Tribe. My whole life I have drawn to the energies of the universe and all the magical beauties around us.

When I do readings I meditate and ask Spirit/Source Creator to bring the messages that are for you. What does Spirit want you to know during this time? I become the energetic bridge between. I send you the card meanings allowing you time to reflect and see how they can be applied in your life, then we talk about the cards if you need further intuitive insight.

I find these sessions also are a Spiritual Coaching as we discuss the cards.

I send the reading via messenger or email. Typically no question is asked, it’s an universal guidance on what you need to know during this time. What does the universe wish you to know on your journey? Usually with this any questions lingering are answered. It provides you with the right answers at the right time. Depending on the moon phase and planet alighnments will also play a factor in the energy of the reading. As soon as I receive the funds is when I prepare a reading specifically for you.

I do New Moon and Full Moon readings as well.

You can email if you’re interested or find us on fb at and send a private message for more details.

These are the prices for a reading.

3 cards is $22, 5 cards is $33, 7 cards is $55, 10 cards is $77. US funds

Payments are accepted via PayPal.

Venmo @MoonSistersTribe

Cashapp $MoonSistersTribe

Zelle is also an option

If you would like to offer your support so we can continue to inspire you, we have a Patreon!  You can donate to these inspirations for as little as $3.33 a month.

1 thought on “Oracle Readings”

  1. I have had many a reading from Kimberly over the past many months, and they have each been insightful, reminding, and informative. Always full of light, I have walked away from each one with a better understanding and insight into some aspect of my life, even if it wasn’t anywhere near what i was expecting or thinking about. I highly reccommend and will continue to have Kimberly be my reading guide in the future.


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