Moon Magic

Whether you already do Moon Ceremonies or you are new to it and want to learn more, this is the place for you. The Moon and her many different phases offer us different energies that we can harness. Here you can learn about the different ceremonies that you can do through her different phases.
As the ruler of the tides, it is fitting that in Astrology, the Moon is also the ruler of our emotions. How we feel about things and how our emotions affect others are all influenced by the moon. Through the Moon’s energy we endeavor to reconcile various emotions in order to make ourselves complete and one with the world.
In your Birth Chart, looking at your Moon information is as important as your Sun Sign information. The Sun gives us our Spirit & Energy, the Moon gives us our Soul & Emotions.
The Moon has four main cycles… New, Waxing, Full & Waning. Each carries a very distinctive energy that we can utilize to energize our Stones and ourselves or choose specific Stones to work with that energy. The Moon has beautiful feminine energy to share with you, charging your Stones with its energy takes your work with the Stones to an entirely different level!
The new moon is a time of initiation and new beginnings. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. Making a wish, an intention, a promise, or a vow is a common custom. It is believed that as the moon grows, that your intention or goal will too usually by the time the moon completes its cycle and returns full circle to new again.
The new Moon offers us its energy of intention, to rid ourselves of the negative habits in our life. The energy of the new moon aids us in ridding our minds and bodies of toxic thought patterns as well as eliminating toxic substances like excess alcohol, processed foods, caffeine & tobacco usage. Starting a new project, or discipline should be substantially less difficult to stick to when started during the new moon. it’s important to come up with a ritual that has meaning for you, instead of trying to follow any set guidelines
Here we are about a week into a New Moon cycle, the moon is now at the First Quarter. Sometimes, if we did a working on the new moon we might be asking ourselves “did it work?” Breathe deeply into that space of uncertainty because the moon and the manifestation of your intention is only growing. The energy is still building. In truth the magic has just begun.
This is the perfect opportunity to manifest, as the moon is offering herself as a clean slate where you can set an intention to receive what you desire for your greatest and highest good.
When the moon is Waxing from New to Gibbous the opportunity to stand in your power with ritual and plants the seeds of desires with sincere intent, ceremony, and symbolism is most aligned, as the energetic vibrations are most receptive to growth. Gestation happens in the dark, nurtured by intention, trust, and faith. Intentions develop roots and new growth emerges, reaching for the light. This is the light we see at the Full Moon.
The period of the waxing moon lasts about 14 days.
The arrival of the full moon each month may highlight what is no longer serving you. As the moon reaches its fullest and brightest, much in your life will also have come into full illumination, highlighting both what is and isn’t working.
Particularly if you set New Moon Intentions, the full moon may shed light on what is holding you back from progress and is a perfect opportunity to remove what stands in your way.
Many people feel energy intensifying in the lead up to the full moon. If you have felt the pressure building, perform a full moon releasing ritual to cast off what is no longer serving you to make room for that which does.
Even if you’re new to harnessing the energy of the moon and not sure what you’re experiencing at an energetic level, you can still perform a releasing ritual at the full moon. Remember, you can release physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – you may wish to clean out your possessions, take an inventory of thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you, release pent up emotions or perform a chakra cleansing meditation.
You can also seek guidance from your animal totems, spirit guides or angels to help illuminate what is ready to be shed from your life, through writing in a journal, pulling an oracle card or sitting in quiet meditation.
Waning Moon means the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This is a time for spells that banish, release and reverse. This is a time to break bad habits or bad addictions, to end bad relationships. This is a time of deep intuition and a time for divination.
It is a lovely reminder to rest, recoup and recharge. Stones that carry an energy of unconditional love are perfect during this time.  You have to find your balance within if you want to be able to be of service to others. Stones such as Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and/or Pink Kunzite work well with the Waning Moon.
Recipe – Moon Water Tonic
Wait for a clear night, preferably on or right before the full moon. Put a quartz crystal in a clear glass container ,fill with purified water and cover. At sundown, place the container in a moonlit place . Remove the glass at dawn. The water has now been infused with the energy of the moon. Drink the moon infused water whenever you need an extra boost of lunar energy. The water can also be used as an excellent purifier for your alter.