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Collective Runes Message

Last night after a magical ceremony I felt drawn to pull some Runes. The message resonated so deep with what we all are experiencing right now. This message is a collective one surrounding the energy of The Pause, which is what we are currently in right now.

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The book of Runes by, Ralph H. Blum

The Unknowable

The Divine

Odin, the All Father

Blank is the end, blank is the beginning. This is the Rune of total trust and should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny which, time and again, rises like the Phoenix from the ashes of what we call fate.

The appearance of this Rune can portend a death. But that death is usually symbolic and may relate to any part of your life as you are living it now. Relinquishing control is the ultimate challenge for the Spiritual Warrior.

Here the Unknowable informs you that It is in motion in your life. In that blankness is held undiluted potential. As the same time both pregnant and empty, this Rune comprehends the totality of being, all that is to be actual used.

Drawing The Blank Rune May bring to the surface our deepest fears: Will I fail? Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away? And yet our highest good, our truest possibilities and all our fertile dreams are held within that blankness.

Willingness and permitting are what this Rune requires, for how can you exercise control over what is not yet in form? The Blank Rune often calls for no less an act of courage than an empty-handed leap into the void. Drawing it is a direct test of faith.

The Unknowable represents the path of karma— the sum total of your actions and their consequences, the lessons that are yours for this lifetime. And yet this Rune reaches us that the very debts of old karma shift and revolve as you shift and evolve. Nothing is predestined: What beckons is the creative power of the unknown.

Whenever you draw The Blank Rune, take heart: Know that the world of self-change is progressing in your life.

Harvest ~Jera

Fertile Season

One Year

A Rune of beneficial outcomes, Jera applies to any activity or endeavor to which you are committed. Be aware, however, that no quick result can be expected. A span of time is usually involved; hence the key words “One Year,” symbolizing a full cycle before the reaping, the harvest or deliverance.

You have prepared the ground and planted the seed. Now you must cultivate with care. To those whose labor has a long season, a long coming term, Jera offers encouragement of success. Know that the outcome is in the keeping of Providence and continue to persevere.

Remember the old story about the farmer who was so eager to assist his crops that he went out at night and tugged on the new shoots. There is no way to push the river; equally you cannot hasten the harvest. Be mindful that patience is essential for the recognition of your own process which, in its season, leads to the harvest of self.

Standstill ~ Isa



The winter of spiritual life is upon you. You may find yourself entangled in a situation to whose implications you are, in effect, blind. You may feel powerless to do anything except submit, surrender, even sacrifice some long cherished desire. Be patient, for this is the period of gestation that precedes a rebirth.

Positive accomplishment is unlikely now. There is a freeze on useful activity, all your plans are on hold. You may be experiencing an unaccustomed drain on your energy and wonder why: A chill wind is reaching you over the ice floes of old outmoded habits.

Trying to hold on can result in shallowness of feeling, a sense of being out of touch with life. Seek to discover what it is you are holding onto that perpetuates this condition and let go. Shed, release, cleanse away the old; doing so will bring on the thaw.

Usually Isa requires a sacrifice of the personal, the “I.” At such a time, you cannot hope to rely on help or friendly support. And yet there is no reason for anxiety. Submit and be still, for what you are experiencing is not necessarily the result of your actions or habits, but rather arises from conditions about which you can do nothing. What has been full must empty, what has increased must decrease. This is the way of Heaven and Earth. To surrender is to display courage and wisdom.

And yet there is another face to Standstill. Just as winter is a time for going within, drawing Isa can announce a time of restoration and renewal at the deepest levelZ in your solitude, exercise caution and do not stubbornly persist in attempting to work your will. Remain mindful that the seed of the new present in the shell of the old, the seed of unrealized potential, the seed of the good. Trust your own process, and watch for signs of spring.

Breakthrough ~ Dagaz



Here is the final Rune belonging to the Cycle on initiation. Drawing Dagaz often signal a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude, a 180-degree turn. For some, the transition is so radical that they are no longer able to live the ordinary life in the ordinary way.

Because the timing is right, the outcome is assured although not, from the present vantage point, predictable. In each life there comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. Rely, therefore, on radical trust, even though the moment may call for you to leap empty-handed into the void. With this Rune your Warrior Nature reveals itself.

If Dagaz is followed by the Blank Rune, the magnitude of the transformation might be so great as to portend a death, the successful conclusion to your passage.

A major period of achievement and prosperity is often introduced by this Rune. The darkness is behind you, daylight has come. Nevertheless, you are reminded not to collapse yourself into thoughts for the future or behave recklessly in your new situation. Considerable hard work can be involved in a time of transformation. Undertake to do it joyfully.

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