3 Stages of a Scorpio

It has been said that Scorpios can be broken down into three totems, and this article will explain each one.

Scorpio is probably the most feared sign in the zodiac. This is due to the infamous Scorpio stinger. However, very few people know that the ultimate symbol of a Scorpio is an all-loving dove.

It is said in astrology that Scorpio is the only sign that has three animal totems, unlike the rest of the zodiac signs. One can also view this as the three stages a Scorpio goes through in his/her life.

There are many contentions about what these totems are called. There are also contentions that there are more than three totems. But for the sake of simplicity, one can think of these as the three totems of a Scorpio. They are as follows.

1. Scorpion: The Deadly Stinger

The scorpion is the basic and the least-evolved totem of a Scorpio and is symbolized by a scorpion. Some people also call it the lizard.

Much like an insect, you will find a Scorpio in this stage ruled by emotions and instincts rather than intellect. Scorpios in this category have low self-awareness and low self-control. The most dangerous and vengeful Scorpio belongs to this totem.

If you have seen an absolutely despicable Scorpio, they probably belong to this totem. Talking about vengeance, these are the Scorpios who go to any extent to destroy someone, even if it means at their own cost.

2. Eagle: Flying High in the Sky

This is the second totem of a Scorpio, where one is self-aware of his/her powers. Once a Scorpio has developed sufficient self-awareness and is ruled by intellect rather than instincts and emotions, he/she can choose to use these traits as wanted.

Usually in this stage, most of the Scorpios try to achieve great heights in their career and endeavors. This does not mean that a Scorpio in this totem does not have a stinger. But the way a Scorpio defeats his enemy here is different from that of a basic scorpion.

A Scorpio here is not self-destructive. As a normal eagle would do, a Scorpio would swoop down on his prey, defeat it, and fly back in the air, not looking for complete destruction of the enemy.

Be aware that a Scorpio in this totem can still be manipulative and exploitative.

3. Phoenix and Dove: The Symbol of Peace

This is the totem where the true power of a Scorpio is shown to the world. This is the totem where a Scorpio becomes aware of his/her mystical powers of healing.

While most people consider a Scorpio to be a venomous creature, the true power of a Scorpio lies in healing and spreading peace. That is the ultimate way of exerting one’s power. That is the reason this totem is symbolized by a dove.

But this is not easy. A Scorpio needs to go through a complete transformation to achieve this power. This transformation is symbolized by the phoenix, which burns and rises from its own ashes.

A Scorpio is the only sign in the entire zodiac known to have this power. Hence every transformation in a Scorpio’s life can be symbolized by a phoenix.

Not sure where the article originated from as there are many versions of it out there.

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