10 things to do during Mabon.

Today is Mabon also known as the Witch’s Thanksgiving and Autumn Equinox. Today is a wonderful day of celebration. Fall reminds us how beautiful letting go is. That death has beauty because it brings a new beginning, a rebirth. Here are 10 things you can do during this harvest energy.

1~ Have a feast outside with family and friends. Sit around a table while you eat soups, breads, (you can even bake your own) apple and pumpkin everything and sweet potato mash are some of the Mabon foods to eat. Watch the sun go down as you embrace the balance between light and dark.

2 ~ With the darkness comes the stars. Sit outside and enjoy the beauty of this darkness as shining stars show you that there is always light shining within. Embrace this energy as you let go and release what isn’t serving your highest good anymore.

3 ~ Go on a nature Walk and mindfully pick up little treasures from Gaia along the way. Go home and make a little Nature board or even a seasonal altar with the things you have gathered.

4 ~ Make a blessing jar. Cut up the paper and write all the blessings that have came into your life through out this year. Give thanks and appreciation for each one as you place them in the jar. You can even get crafty and decorate your jar. Keep it some where so you can see it and appreciate it daily. Light a pink or green candle, these colors represent the heart chakra. Let love flow in.

5 ~ Meditate in nature. Get outside and do some mindful breathing as you enter into your meditation. If you’re able to ground yourself and sit with your back against a tree you’re encourage to do so. As you make your transition so does the tree. This connective appreciation is a good way to connect to this day.

6 ~ Light some candles or incense that have that Fall smell to them. Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, clove, anything that reminds you of Fall when you smell it.

7 ~ Sweep the old energy away in the house, literally. The Broomstick has always been a source of clearing out negative or old stagnant energy. House cleansing is Soul cleansing.

8 ~ Bake an apple or pumpkin pie! This is the traditional harvest season for apples and pumpkins and what yummier way to do it then to bake a pie!

9- Harvest the seeds from your pumpkins & squash to roast and eat, or you can harvest and prepare your seeds to sow in the Spring for next seasons Mabon celebration.

10 ~ Do a gratitude ritual. Light some candles and sit for a moment in gratitude. There are some many things to be thankful for, even our breath! Write them down and say how out loud how thankful you are for all of them. Put your new gratitude journal in a safe space.

May many blessings flow to you. 🍁