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Collective New Moon/Equinox pick a card 3-21-23

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your New Moon/Equinox collective pick a card. How will this powerful New Moon energy influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this New Moon energy.

7- 11 is what is being activated for you during this New Moon energy.

12-15 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this New Moon.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many New Moon blessings flow to you. 🌑

Oracle decks used:

Universal Folk Oracle by, Anita Inverarity

Gateway of Light Activation by, Kyle Gray

The Sacred Forest by, Denise Linn

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this New Moon energy.

1 ~ Empowerment

There will be the chance to empower yourself and others in a very positive way.

The woman walks in harmony with her animal companions. They are different yet equal in strength and wisdom. The lion represents courage and emotions to be mastered, while the firebird leads the way to transformation and ultimately empowerment. They vibrate strongly with the energy of the sunstone.

Empowerment is neither a victim avenged nor an asserted will. It comes from a place of deep love and contentment. From there all things are possible. When you open your true power in this light all around, you will benefit and prosper.

2 ~ Uncover

revelation looks to be uncovered. Bear in mind the bigger picture.

The woodpecker is a resourceful and adept problem solver. He may be an excellent totem to consult when important decisions need to be made, as he shows you how to balance intuition and intellect. You can communicate very directly with a woodpecker totem, he is straightforward and to the point. On the other hand, an unassuming toadstool totem should not be overlooked as it will most definitely wait for you to ask the question (a little like the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland). See what tools you can uncover to help you on the path to a balanced response. Perhaps a pendulum dowser or a piece of yellow jasper, which is a wonderful stone to help in decision making.

There may be some news to contemplate on the horizon involving a small but important decision to make and a matter of integrity in its revelation. Ponder the bigger picture and be mindful of those who are involved. Go within and use your own mental resources before taking action. Pendulums or other dowsing tools may be of help.

3 ~ Frequency

Be aware of the frequencies that draw you in today.

A heavenly angel plays a harp in the fashion of a swan. The swan is a representation of love, music and poetry, all of our earthly vibrations made pure with grace. The ange. bridges the gap between our realm and the divine, relaying messages and insights back to heart via the infinite echo of the universe.

Blue kyanite is a truly magical stone that anchors vibration at the throat chakra and then radiates balance out to all of the chakra points in the body. It is a remarkable sound healing tool.

We all have our particular vibration and fre-quency, and energy work can be particularly healing at this time. Listen to what your body needs today. How can sound enhance your energy and help the flow within you? Maybe you need to enjoy a concert, or listen to the birds in the garden or try a healing sound bath.

Explore and enjoy aligning yourself with the trequencies you need.

4 ~ Manifest

Live by the sun and manifest by the moon.

Where do you wander in the non-wakeful state and what treasures do you gather there? Do you bring certain familiars like the watchful black cat? Do you have tools to gather visions and thoughts like a spellcaster would gather herbs? Dreams written down can often cleanse and resolve waking issues, leaving the way clear for the real magic of the dreaming. Use lithium quartz or amethyst stone to help dream recall.

The moon works its magic while we sleep. Allow this energy to aid you in manifesting all your desires into being. Be particularly aware of sleep and well-being at night. Use nature’s old remedies like lavender and sage to calm and cleanse your sleep space. It is a wonderful time to start a dream journal to unravel what needs to be let go of. Then you can fill the night with your wishes and dreams to be fulfilled.

5 ~ Confidence

Confidence and concentration on simple daily tasks will allow openings for the universe to conspire favorably today.

The girl works her crops, secure in the know-edge that she is being provided for. The beautiful home represents her earthly security and she is flanked by two sure-footed goat friends for protection. The citrine stone in her headpiece encourages high energy and joy.

It is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in simple tasks. You will gain great joy today from completing a manual task, or working with nature and the natural unfurling of life and the seasons. Give the task your full, undivided attention and be confident and sure-footed in your actions.

Be reassured that any solutions or news you are waiting for is being taken care of today in its own fime. There is no need to worry as you complete your tasks with a joyful disposition.

6 ~ Uniqueness

Celebrate the uniqueness of all things today.

Explore how nature does not conform, no matter how complex the design. Be at home in your expression of being. Know you are perfect as intended.

The girl celebrates her uniqueness and dit-terences as the lighthouse shines awareness on the importance of being. The seal encourages survival, creativity and joyful integrity under the beautiful rainbow representing all of our diverse creation. Use moldavite as a rare gem with cosmic links to reach your full potential.

When we perceive our differences as flaws and our uniqueness as deviation we are missing the true glorious nature of ourselves. Celebrate and rejoice without comparison, for there is only your piece of the puzzle that is part of everything and fits perfectly by design. Do something that is authentically you today.

7- 11 is what is being activated for you during this New Moon energy.

7 ~ Crown Chakra Upgrade

Your crown chakra has been upgraded. The spiritual connections you have always had are now being acknowledged. The parts of yourself that you have run from or ignored are being reclaimed. This is an important time, for you are uncovering gifts and wisdom and moving through healing. You may have experienced moments that have tested your faith and your belief in the Divine; know that it’s okay and no grievances are being held against you.

Spirit is with you and within you. This is a coming home to your truest self. You are also being encouraged to prepare yourself for miracles. Expect to experience wonder and blessings, for you are being surrounded by healing light. Divine encounters and holy experiences are happening around you. If you have had a challenging relationship with spirituality or religion in the past, this has now been healed and you can move forward in an authentic way, experiencing the Divine on a personal level and beyond the limitations of unnecessary dogma. You are connected.

8 ~ Memories of Atlantis

You are being transported through a gateway to connect with ancient Atlantis. Know that by drawing this card today you are receiving blessings from the Atlantean Council of Light, who are dedicated to the evolution of the soul. You are becoming aware of your gifts and this is an exciting time, but also a time when the energies of your ego can become loud and obnoxious. Know that this gateway is appearing to remind you to stay aligned with the highest good and rooted in the energies of devotion. Then there can be a great coming together of the human and spiritual and you can live in a more evolved way.

9 ~ Pleiadean Activation

Pleiadean energy is about coming together in peace and in harmony. You are blessed to receive this gateway, for it is a powerful message of assurance that whatever uncomfortable energy you are experiencing right now will soon be washed away.

The Pleiadeans are beings who live in complete honor of their planets and their people. They acknowledge that in seeing and connecting with one another, they have an opportunity to see and experience the Divine. They also know the consequences of disrespecting others. It’s for this reason that this is no longer possible for them. If you are being challenged by loved ones now, aim to shift the dynamics of this relationship through a loving approach. The lesson you are facing at this time is an opportunity to heal old wounds and operate from a higher state of being.

10 ~ Temple of Truth

When you are brought to this space, you are being reminded of the importance of your identity and your self-expression in this lifetime. Acknowledging who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming is so important for the unfoldment of your path.

There’s an old story that the truth hurts. This gateway reminds you that in fact the truth heals. Your truth is your truth, and it’s important for you to honor it with every facet of your being. This isn’t the first incarnation in which you have felt the importance of honesty and authenticity, but it may be the first in which you have had full freedom of expression.

This gateway coming to you today is a message that there is something buried deep inside you that you haven’t expressed and this is causing energetic blockages on your ever-unfolding path. It is a time to love yourself enough to honor the feelings that are rising up in you, for they are divine guidance that will bring you into greater alignment.

11 ~ Earth Star Activation

When you draw this card, know your Earth Star has been activated and the wisdom you once ignored is finally being acknowledged. The rejected parts of yourself have now been rediscovered. There is an opportunity for you to rediscover magic 100. but stay firmly rooted in all of your endeavors. Let the Earth hold and sustain you. Don’t rush ahead. In fact, if you’ve been wondering if it’s time to move forward, know that it isn’t. Stay put for the time being. Important information is about to be revealed, so wait and stand strong. This is a time of integration and rest rather than pushing forward. Great wisdom lies within you. Dive deep and find it. And trust in yourself. You have more strength than you realize.

12-15 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this New Moon.

12 ~ Fire Spirit

Take action! This is not the time to hold back in life. Do not repress what you feel or allow yourself to be drained by others. If you strive to meet everyone’s expectations and fulfill the needs of others, but forget to honor your own needs, your energy field becomes depleted and dull. Break free of your constraints, whether self-inflicted or imposed on you by others.

Activate your verve and your passion. Give your emotions free rein. Waves of energy will surge through you as you spontaneously express yourself. Running on your own resources, however, can be depleting. Allow the Creator to flow through you. Be open to receive, knowing that you don’t have to do it all yourself. This replenishes your soul and supports you in accessing enormous amounts of energy.

Incredible vitality, life-force energy, and passion are expanding in your life. If you start to feel drained by the expectations of others, don’t hold back; ignite your inner fire. Speak your truth. Let the light of the Creator surge through you.

13 ~ Spirit Guardian of Winter

This card indicates that it’s time to pull back from people and situations that do not empower or support you. Let go anything or anyone that drains you, and protect yourself from less-than-positive influences. It’s time to renew your energy. Incubate your dreams for the future. Make plans for tomorrow, but remember that this is a season of rest and recuperation.

Winter is a time for replenishing your inner resources. Care for your body and your health. Mend and organize objects in your home. Repair whatever needs to be repaired in your life. Step into sacred silence to discover the answers within. A spurt of springtime energy is coming, but you absolutely must be prepared and must create foundations; otherwise, it can seem overwhelming and destabilizing.

Spiritually, winter is a season of retreat and renewal. It’s the time to be still and take stock of your life and your future. The Spirit Guardian of Winter reminds us to stop the busyness of life… and relax.

It’s time to enter the silent, deep place within you. Renew. Retreat. Repair your body, items and relationships. Examine your life and make adjustments as needed. Watch your nocturnal dreams. Meditate. Look for messages from Spirit.

14 ~ Daffodil Fairy

Life goes in cycles. Just as spring follows winter, a new cycle is beginning in your life. In the phases of the earth, the plants die in the fall so that there can be new birth in the spring- it’s the universal dance of death and rebirth. There’s a time to end and begin, and this is the close of one cycle and the beginning of another.

The appearance of this card brings a message to wipe the slate clean; it’s time to release the old and start again.

It can be difficult to release familiar routines, situations, or relationships when they no longer empower you; however, your higher self encourages you to not cling to the old, but set sail into new waters. If you find yourself afraid to let go, Daffodil Fairy urges you to face your fear and allow yourself to stretch in a new direction. The Creator is at your side, and wonderful opportunities will be born in your life. Wholeness occurs when you can say yes to both endings and beginnings.

It’s time to start a new project or a new cycle. Life force and vitality are emerging. Release that which doesn’t serve and support you. Make way for a new start. Success is at hand.

15 ~ Dragonfly Spirit

This card is letting you know that it’s all right to change directions. It’s ok to change your mind. You do not need to be consistent at every turn. This is the time to put the traditions and expectations of others aside. Instead, you are called to create your own traditions! You are free to express yourself and let your spirit fly.

Dragonflies are acrobats of the sky. Not only can they fly backward, they fly upside down and turn 360 degrees… and while looking graceful as they do so. Dragonfly Spirit urges you to take on her same fearless daring. Go beyond predictable behavior. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean that it needs to continue to be done that way. While you can’t control the exact circumstances of your life, you can control what meaning you give to them. Select meanings that empower you, for this is the time to be carefree, wild and unpredictable.

Be willing to change your perspective, and good fortune will follow. Sometimes you need to back up to go forward. As people get older, they find it harder to change, so to activate youthfulness, be willing to make changes without hesitation.

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