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Collective Full Moon Pick a Card 2-5-23

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your Full Moon collective pick a card. How will this powerful Full Moon energy influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this Full Moon energy.

7- 11 is what is being activated for you during this Full Moon energy.

12-15 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this Full Moon.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many Full Moon blessings flow to you. 🌕

Oracle decks used:

The Soul’s Journey by, James Van Praagh

Gateway of Light Actuvation by, Kyle Gray

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards by, Izzy Ivy

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this Full Moon energy.

1 ~ Love

You are love. It is your inherent vibration. The obstacles and challenges of the physical dimension attempt to trick you into thinking that there are other ways to view life-but there is only one way that is natural to your being: love. This card simply reminds you that your soul is made of Spirit’s pure Divine vibrational force of love and that you need to bring this awareness to bear on every aspect of your life and being.

Love is a healing energy. All anxiety and drama cannot exist in the aura of love. Most souls have come back upon this earth to learn, accept, and utilize this harmonic force and to see its effect upon their lives. It is your time to remind others of the strength of their own power of Spirit, and assist them in knowing fully that love is the most powerful element in the Universe. It builds, fortifies, and strengthens even the most lost person.

When we live in the power of love, then and only then will we know truth. True love is the spiritual link between us and Spirit. It will guide our footsteps through the conflicts of the material world and will cleanse our hearts of unwanted facets of the human personality.

2~ Discipline

Your soul has a goal, but it has also chosen to incarnate into a world of distractions. Earth is a dimension of obstacles and challenges, but you have been given discipline as your birthright. It is time to remind yourself what your soul has come back to this planet to learn. This is a great opportunity to reevaluate your priorities and go about your daily tasks with a new system of managing your life, instead of being the passive recipient of whatever comes your way.

Distractions can easily get us off the work of our soul, and if we give in to this apathetic impulse, we can miss many well-placed and preplanned teachings needed for our inherent growth. Learn that the satisfaction of a task completed is more emotionally rewarding than a task delayed.

3 ~ Courage

You need to remind yourself that part of the challenge of being a soul is learning to honor your own power. By listening to your inner voice and following its advice, you are acknowledging the perfection of your intu-ition. Fear is only an illusion, and obstacles are great opportunities for you to demonstrate that coming from a place of love will conquer all of fear’s disguises.

Perhaps you are changing career paths or entering or exiting a relationship. This test has been put before you because it is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you, and only you, can make the correct decision. By not taking that step forward, you may find yourself two steps back, only to face that same obstacle again.

4 ~ Regret

The soul doesn’t know time; time is a construct of the physical dimension. To your soul, there is only one big now. Think of the “past” as the now that has already been created, and the “future” as the now that has yet to be created. You don’t have the power to un-create the past, so let that go. Your power of creation lies in your awareness of the present.

You have the power to not only create your future, but also create acceptance of your past. You should realize that you are the total summation of every single experience you have had. These experiences have helped shape you into the person you are today. Train yourself not to judge past events as good or bad but as opportunities. What have you learned from the past that will help enrich your future?

Focusing on the past and letting it dictate the direction of your future is taking your power away from yourself. You are the creator. You hold the power. Reflect on the lessons of the past and use your current power to create your bright future.

5 ~ Imagination

By its very nature, the physical body is limited by the three dimensions. But your mind is free to travel without boundaries and merge with the Cosmic Consciousness. Your mind is the great creator, and your imagination is its toolbox. Everything in life begins with the energy of imagination. Thoughts are real, and they can manifest themselves into the physical world. Train your mind to only have positive thoughts, and you will attract positivity into your life. If you can see it, you can be it. Visualize the components that you want in your life and imbue those thoughts with love, and they will become your reality. Conversely, if your mind strays to negative thoughts, you will only bring that energy to you.

Be positive and loving. Imagination is creativity! Express yourself and let your imagination assist you in letting go of any creative blocks, and allow your dreams to come true. Remember, you are not doing this for other people. It is your soul opening up and singing its own unique song.

6 ~ Death

Death is an illusion. It’s a fact of life that the human body we use to travel the earth must eventually stop working. It’s not meant to exist forever. The energy and consciousness that inhabited that body is free and returns to its natural home, but it never abandons us.

Learn to view death as merely a change-and everything must change, because stagnancy extinguishes progress. The same is true for a relationship or a career. A soul lesson may be completed, and it is time to move beyond this point of familiarity and expand into new horizons of learning and development. This is a wonderful opportunity to thank those other souls in your life who have shared part of your path and taught you so much.

7 – 11 is what is being activated for you during this Full Moon energy.

7 ~ Lemurian Seed Codes

vou are a highly sensitive being. You might feel that this is a curse, but this card is here to let you know that it is a gift. It indicates that you have spent lifetimes upon lifetimes living with a giant shield up to stop the world seeing the real you, but you are a highly unique soul with incredible gifts that are worth sharing. Through embracing your uniqueness, you can help many others embrace their own. This lifetime is a more graceful existence with less defense and more trust. It’s not about protecting yourself, but stepping into the space of surrender and revealing your true self.

8 ~ Order of Melchizedek

You have learned so much and are now recognizing all the great lessons your experiences and challenges have brought you. The Order of Melchizedek is coming to you today to encourage you to continue on this pathway and not to give up. Even in moments of darkness and fear, there is the opportunity for you to share your light. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s imperative for you to know you’re not alone. Light is with you and within you, and by invoking spiritual support you willbe able to muster up the strength, courage, and focus you need to surmount whatever challenges you face.

9 ~ Starbeing Healing Codes

If the world seems overwhelming or intense at this time, know that it’s okay for you to retreat to a safe space to cleanse and recharge your energy. You may feel called to be a healer for others and share healing with the world, but please ensure you are balanced and filled up with light first. This is not the time for you to sacrifice your own wellbeing in order to serve others. Light beings are placing their hands upon you now, filling you with divine light that will wash away any blockages Or stagnant energy standing in the way of your freedom and wholeness. Starbeings are channeling healing codes and frequencies into your being and it’s important for you to stay alert for any intuitive guidance about your body so you can be restored to health once more.

10 ~ Seraphim’s Gateway

You are blessed to receive the light of the Seraphim. Know that these beings of infinite light are singing your name in the heavens to unlock the power of your own voice. Angelic support surrounds you at this time. Know that you are safe, for you are being held by the presence of love. The Seraphim are witnessing the glory of your being and activating your angelic qualities. You care deeply about the welfare of the planet and all her beings. In fact, you are hoping to make a great difference in the world, and the reason for this is you are carrying angelic light. Let it shine on the world around you.

11 ~ Stargate Heart

Your heart space is a sacred space deep within you. For some time, you have protected it with psychic shields that have not only stopped you from being hurt, but also stopped you from feeling love. This gateway appearing shows that you have finally dropped these shields and are ready to experience love. Universal wisdom wants you to know that this is your divine right. You are a highly empathic and generous soul who has so much to give, and you are being called forth to reveal the deeper and more vulnerable aspects of your being. Divine light beings are surrounding you, holding you, and encouraging you to relax. All the restrictions and blockages of your heart space have now been removed. The worst is behind you and the world needs you.

12-15 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this Full Moon.

12 ~ Sacral Chakra

You are invited to revel in the present moment and feel deeply into your senses. The sensuality of being alive, the breeze on your skin, the scent of damp earth, the feeling of fitting perfectly into the temple you call your body. This card is about diving into the depths of a moment, where all your faculties are available for divine creation. Your entire paint kit is present, as no part is left in the past or caught in the future. All of who you are unites in a point of deep experience. This is the ecstatic moment of conception for a project or new life. Let yourself drop into passion, intimacy and loving connection with whatever you are birthing into the world and with whomever you have chosen to co-create with.

Get in touch with your creativity and embrace your natural expression, however it looks to you. The way you live is an art form – a unique expression of yourself. You can dance through challenge, sing through restriction and paint your reality.

13 ~ Realm Bridger

You are the pioneer of your life. The way forward may be in your dreams or visions. You might find it useful to do automatic writing or intuitive drawing to capture some of the more lucid information. Be creative, and don’t take on the opinions of others. It’s time to think and do things a whole other way. After all, as the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

14 ~ The Violet Flame

Consider your psychic toolkit. Do you have a range of accessible go-to practices for re-centring, cleansing your aura, and protecting your energy? An exercise routine for psychic fitness will keep your aura strong and resilient, your energy sovereign, and your vibration high. Maintaining clear and vibrant energy will also help you see through illusions that may be blocking or disorienting you. Bring the violet flame into your meditation and self-care practices for graceful rebalance after heightened energy levels.

15 ~ Higher Heart Chakra

This card taps into the blissful oneness we feel as we drop away our edges and protective containers. This is the place where we feel held and seen, enough to flow into oneness, where the eternal part of me meets the eternal part of you. This is the selfless state where our higher selves commune, for illuminated perspective on how we share, gift and lift others in our joyful overflow.

Consider your life purpose by exploring what allows you to give in joy.

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