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New Year New Moon Collective Pick a Card 1-21-23

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your first New Moon of the New Year collective pick a card. How will this powerful New Moon energy influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this New Moon energy.

7- 11 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this New Moon.

12-15 is what is being activated for you during this New Moon energy.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many New Moon blessings flow to you. 🌑

Oracle decks used:

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by, Collette Baron Reid

The Sacred Forest Oracle by, Denise Linn

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards by, Izzy Ivy

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this New Moon energy.

1 ~ Pegasus

History is replete with myths and leg. ends of a winged horse, the protector of the soul. The pegasus represents the immortality of your spirit and the journey to the heavens. The appearance of this card is a sign: Get ready for a dramatic activation of your spiritual journey! A powerful transformation is at hand. Great things are possible in your life. Prepare yourself to fly high above adversity.

The pegasus’s rise above the earthly realms offers a higher, celestial perspective. Take time to meditate, and profound insights about your life will be revealed. You are asked to see the situation at hand from a higher perspective. Step away from the drama and emotional manipulation of others.

Some stories describe that where his hooves strike the earth, new springs emerge. Life begins anew. In Greek mythology, Pegasus activates and befriends the nine Muses who inspire creativity, liberal arts, music, science, poetry, and visual arts. Hence, Pegasus is symbolic of creativity. The message here is to focus on the incredible creativity, vitality, and spiritual awakening within you!

You’re on a pilgrimage of the soul. It’s time to transcend the weight of earthly burdens. Fly over situations that have been pulling you down. Don’t involve yourself with the drama of others. When you remember that you have come from spirit and are eternal, challenging situations will resolve. A profound transformation is at hand.

2 ~ Starry Night

You know that you have a place on the planet that is unique and remarkable. Allow blessings of the Creator to cascade into your being. You are so very worthy of this grace and so much more. Embrace all parts of yourself. Accept your majesty.

There are times when it may be challenging to fully accept yourself just as you are. Yet when you don’t honor all parts of yourself, you are denying yourself a full experience of life. There are no wrong experiences . . . each one allows you to grow as a spiritual being.

Some people say that they can never accept the dark deeds that have been done on the planet. There is no need to do so-some things are just wrong. However, in order to bring more light into the world, you must first accept yourself in all your permeations. What you deny in yourself runs your life. The more you accept yourself, the more fulfillment and life-force energy you will have.

Embrace your inner majesty; accept your life in all of its configurations. Every moment has profound value, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Forgive yourself and others. Accept all that life has provided and harmony will ensue.

3 ~ Toadstools

Things that have been incubating beneath the surface are going to be coming into fruition. Get clear on your goals and dreams, because rapid growth is ahead. Be ready! For these projects to come to fruition, you must first be starkly honest about what you want. Ask yourself, Is this what I really want? Believe in miracles!

Also, in the time ahead, you might discover a spiritual guru or step into a new spiritual path. You might find that you are providing expansive spiritual growth for others simply by being who you are. Make sure that your foundations are in place, because once this growth begins, you will be in for a journey of a lifetime.

Beneath the surface of your life, miraculous changes are occurring. Something that you thought what ordinary is, in fact, remarkable. You are in a time of rapid spiritual and material growth.

4 ~ Maple Spirit

What you give out comes back to you tenfold. There are times in life to receive and there are times to provide love, services, and items to others. This card suggests that this is a time to give with your whole heart. Give without thinking of what you will gain in re-turn. By doing this, you enter into the flow of the Universe, and blessings will shower upon you.

Maples are thought to be a very old species of trees. They are known to withstand environmental changes and can survive and thrive in various climates. Some traditions believe that the maple lends strength and power to those around it. If you tap into the maple, you will find a sweet sap, which symbolically brings sweetness into your life.

Be open to receive the bounty of the Universe; at the same time, be generous with others and with your-self. A warmth of Spirit radiates from you.

Share from your heart and receive with an open heart . . . and success will blossom.

5 ~ Bear Spirit

This card will appear to let you know that healing on all levels is occurring, and it can come in many forms. Be ready to accept it. Know as well that you are a healing force for others. You may not even be aware that you are a conduit for healing energy, but when others thank you, simply say, “You’re welcome,” even if you don’t know how it happened.

In many native traditions, Bear Spirit is thought to be aligned with humans, as he can walk upright like a human. He represents the healer and “good medicine.” He also bestows healing powers to those worthy. You indeed are worthy.

Bear Spirit energy can also represent grounding, strength, and confidence. It activates a stable foundation to face whatever challenges appear in your life.

6 ~ Wild Rose Fairy

Love is all around you; open your heart to receive it. All of life’s experiences are a splendid part of a spiritual evolution toward the realization that we are all love.

In matters of romance, there is healing right now. You are a sacred vessel for love to flow through you, to others, and to the Universe. Healing has occurred. Healing is occurring. Healing will occur.

Your angels, guides, spiritual guardians, and allies adore and cherish you. If only you could see yourself the way those in Spirit see you, you would know how profoundly and deeply loved , cherished, and adored you are. Be open to allowing the Creator to solve your challenges in wondrous ways. Trust that everything is unfolding graciously and perfectly in your life. The opposite of fear is love; allow fear to dissolve as fear expands.

You are more cherished then you could possibly know. Open your heart to receive. You are an eternal vessel for love to flow through. You are enough, just as you are.

7- 11 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this New Moon.

7 ~ Drifter

The Drifter invites you to step out of your to-do list and your ordinary routine to feel the breeze against your skin, calling you to follow the wind and explore life’s opportunities.

When the Drifter appears, it’s a sign that it’s time to cut the mooring lines holding you to the dock. It’s not important to know the destination before you set sail; it will become clear as you leave port. Do not wait for a map, as there are none to where you are destined to go. But be sure that you do have a compass to keep you true. Yours is your pure love and your intention to be free, even of your own beliefs and preconceptions.

Few appreciate the energy of the Drifter. Here, you might not seem to be doing anything worthwhile or meeting someone else’s expec-tations. But you are the only one who understands that others are running full-out on the hamster wheel and getting nowhere. Your “lazi-ness” is an underappreciated virtue. You know that life will find you and bring you everything you require without your having to search for it, by simply being instead of frantic doing.

Even as you let your mind wander, releasing it to go on a daily walkabout, call it back home regularly to deliver news from the cos-mos. The Drifter helps you find what you are looking for, even when you didn’t think you were seeking anything!

8 ~ Beloved

When the Beloved appears it, it requires 100 percent of your heart, body and soul. Don’t try to “squeeze” the Beloved into your schedule— drop the busyness and receive the one you have been waiting for. Know that this card comes as a mirror to show you the Divine within and invite your radical acceptance of everything you consider beautiful or ugly in your being.

The Beloved may not be a person at all. It might be a business venture, a project or an adventure calling for your full attention. Love it, let it light you up, and give it your all. Surrender to this truth, and know that you are gaining a passport to bliss, even when it feels that you are being consumed by the fire of the Beloved. Do not hold back or be afraid, for you will emerge transformed. Surrender is the key; allow yourself to be loved! Usher the harsh critic out the door and shut your eyes and ears to the judgement of others who have not been ignited by the divine blaze consuming you, for they will only attempt to douse your fire and leave you choking on the smoke.

Be careful you are no seduced by false promises or falling prey to your extraordinary ability to sabotage your dreams and desires. Sync with and sink into your heart and trust your sense of what is true, and you will know what to do. The true Beloved is never false; every gift proffered is valuable.

Recognize the many faces of the Beloved and welcome them into your heart. You will be so glad you did.

9 ~ Overflow

So many good things are headed your way or are already occurring in your life right now, yet you may be thinking that they’re not possible or you’re not worthy of them. Abundance is everyone’s natural state before we project our restrictions on it–defining what it means, who has it, who gets it, and so forth. Right now, take yourself out of your conditioning and look at your life through the eyes of plenty. There is so much beauty and love. Opportunities and divine synchronicities destined to support your dreams abound and are lined up for you. Yet it’s sometimes difficult to discern it all because you’re bombarded with too much information and stimulation, distracting you from the truth that all is well.

Sometimes all this overflow can be over-whelming, and you may find yourself responding with empathy overload. Empathy overload occurs when you tune in to the collective angst and fear about impending changes and uncer-tainties. It’s unmanageable; you feel like you’re drowning in those emotions. It’s time to allow yourself to detach, bring yourself back to your life, restore your faith in a power greater than you, and remind yourself to focus on your smaller personal universe, which is much easier to manage. In this way, you know that you are a conduit for life’s blessings and can share them with others, making this perception of overflow profoundly positive.

10 ~ Benefactor

When the benefactor weaves her energy into your life, you’re put on notice that all manner of positive reinforcement is coming your way. The Universe wants to let you know that just as you have been generous with others, serving with your gifts even in the smallest capacity, so will you be rewarded in myriad ways.

The most beautiful gift the Benefactor gives you is recognition is that you are stewarding and sharing abundance on behalf of a higher source, one that is always working through you. The motives for her generosity to you, as well as yours to others, are intangible, although you will see the results reflected in the material world. The Benefactor reminds you that it’s in the purity of your desire to share without the need for reciprocity that, paradoxically, your initial generosity is reciprocated tenfold, seemingly without any connection to the original act. Dream sharing and caring into being, and you will be amazed to see this vibrant seed take root and spread. Do it “just because” and the Benefactor will give you her blessing.

11 ~ Root Girl

Root Girl sits shivering, unclean and naked, at the base of the tree of Self. She is unloved, unwanted and shunned. She had no home but is safe burrowing underground to dwell near the deepest roots of this sacred tree. Who is she to you? Could this urchin be the one part of you that, reintegrated, can lead you to wholeness and true purpose?

This is a part of you, the embodiment of a deeply flawed perception of your failures, manifesting as guilt and shame. When you project envy onto others or any emotion or instinct that you’ve learned to repress or deem unnatural, it’s this inner child self crying for attention, acceptance and love. You want to lash out, ignore it, push it aside, all the while refusing to acknowledge this ugly quality as belonging to you. But if you would only look into the Root Girl’s eyes and see the beauty and the unmet need, your unmet need, you would realize that this part of you asks for your compassion and understanding. This part of you was born when you were wounded and were conditioned to believe you’re not whole, that your expression of self is somehow too much or too little. You may have even inherited this creature from your Ancestors.

However it is that this child self came to be curled up at the roots of your sacred tree self, it’s time to welcome her into your heart. When you do, everything you’ve been searching for becomes illuminated, and your path lights up with renewed purpose. When you come to love Root Girl and claim her as your own, accepting her— and your— humanity, she is transformed, just as you are. Then all manner of magic begins to arrive in abundant form. Look for the beauty.

12-15 is what is being activated for you during this New Moon energy.

12 ~ Unique Gifts

What makes you unique? Any quirks that you feel are shortcomings could be the key to your superpowers. Look for the positive sides of your oddities and traits. How would you like to spend more time? Are there things you would like to try or feel a pull to explore? Now is the time to follow these whispers – you never know how transformational they may be.

13 ~ Reclaim Your Energy

This card encourages you to be aware of where your energy is going. If you are not at your optimal energy level, it invites you to consider the core of why this may be. You have the power to own your energy and choose where you direct it. Look at situations that trigger drama and anxiety to reduce energy loss.

Detach from environments or people that are not healthy for you. It is up to you to make the shift. Victim mentality is no help, so realise you have the power to transform your life and choose healing and self-empowerment. It’s time to kickstart the upward spiral to abundant energy and soul presence.

14~ Loving Compassion

This card invites you to bring more loving to the situation at hand, whether it is toward yourself or those in your life. It may imply a need for forgiveness or for seeing things from a fresh, more expensive perspective. This card is a reminder that you are loved and you have infinite access to the gentle yet powerful force of loving compassion as and when you need it. To bring yourself back to your heart, think about those you love and moments with them where you have felt joy. Expand those feeling out to more and more people, creatures and places, until the whole planet is infused with this beautiful, warm and loving feeling.

15 ~ Soul Star Chakra

Remember that you are an infinite being with the ability to expand your awareness beyond space and time.

Consider that paradigms outside this physical reality may be unfathomable until we raise our vibration and can think outside the mind. Meditate on the idea that everything that ever was and ever will be is happening simultaneously, right now, across multiple dimensions.

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