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New Year Full Moon Collective Pick a Card

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your first Full Moon of the New Year collective pick a card. How will this powerful Full Moon energy influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this Full Moon energy.

7- 11 is what is being activated for you during this Full Moon energy.

12-15 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this Full Moon.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many Full Moon blessings flow to you. 🌕

Oracle decks used:

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by, Collette Baron Reid

Gateway of light Activation by, Kyle Gray

Oracle of 7 energies by, Collette Baron Reid

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this Full Moon energy.

1 ~ Galactic Mushroom

You might have been thinking and acting like you were the only one in the dream creating your life. The Galactic Mushroom arrives as a playful yet potent reminder that you need to get with your Higher Power. The universal laws are not for your benefit only. The law of attraction does not exist just to serve up your desired outcome.

The matrix of Consciousness Source (or God, Spirit, and many other names) is intricately woven into life. There is so much complexity that the human mind cannot comprehend all the moving parts. It’s impossible to see beyond what you already know, just as the head of a mushroom is clearly visible above the soil but not the living biome below. The threadlike mycelium of fungi form vast, intricate networks underground, connecting different life forms with one another in a mind of “internet” of the plant kingdom. Imagine the Divine Matrix serving the same way, connecting the individual consciousness with that of the Divine.

The Galactic Mushroom reminds you that your dreams and desires are heard. This is a call for faith and trust. Whatever intention you hold consistently, with hope and faith, first manifests in the unseen realms. Whether or not you can see it working on your behalf, eventually you see the evidence play out in the serendipitous events that work in your favor seemingly outside of the law of cause and effect.

Your most beautiful results are being birthed right now, not just for you but for the highest good of all!

2~ Spirit of the River

The Spirit of the River invites you to step into the flow, to stop swimming against or avoiding the current. Allow the waters to carry you downstream, away from the eddies and whirlpools. It’s time to heed the call of a new adventure waiting for you.

Stop working on the problem for a while.

The issue is not what it seems; it is your addiction to fixing what has gone bad that is consuming so much of your time. Work to create a greater good, and the bad will resolve itself on its own. There is nothing that you can accomplish with more “efforting,” as the situations in your life right now are subject to forces beyond your control. Recognize this, step back, and trust the fow. There is no loss of face or lack of honor or integrity. It is simply the way things are at this moment.

When this card appears, it is time to say yes to the next leg of your journey. Your life is like a river, inevitably and inexorably flowing to the sea, which is your divine destination. Be fearless and release yourself to the rushing water in the middle of the stream. Whatever it is you are holding on to–the feelings, the thoughts, the beliefs about how things are or how they should or could be can be fixed easily with the power of the Spirit of the River. Simply let go and enjoy the thrill of the ride.

All will be well.

3 ~ Horned Cactus

When nothing seems to be happening fast enough or your ideas have dried up, you begin to question your relevance. During these periods in life, you might feel like giving up, frustrated and resentful that success will never happen for you. The issue here, however, is a matter of perception.

The Horned Cactus thrives in the barren desertscape, offering you the gift of water when all appears to be dry. If you look at its body, you see the natural thorns that protect it from predators and the elements. What you don’t see are the deep roots that extend far into the earth, filling it with a continuous fow of water. This succulent is a symbol of resilience, of resource-fulness, of your needs being met in spite of appearances to the contrary. It’s a reminder of he courage and inherent wisdom needed to dig deep below the less-than-friendly surface that hides a rich underground world. Can you connect to this magical truth and trust?

The desert is a mystical place filled with mysterious creatures beautifully adapted to their environments. The Horned Cactus tells you to take heart; this journey is only tempo-rary, and you will soon be met with greener pastures. But first you must acknowledge your inner strength and fortitude as you’re tested here. Be as the cactus, resilient and resourceful.

4 ~ Dragon’s Hoard

In the Dragon’s Hoard, jewels and precious objects scatter the ground, while ancient scrolls inscribed with the wisdom teachings lie within reach. This is a rich opportunity, and you can fill your satchel with the treasures you like best. Take the gifts offered you and dedicate them to the well-being of all-beginning with your own. But beware: all that glitters is not gold. Select the precious treasures that will further your spiritual growth, and avoid the shiny objects that are empty of real value.

Know that the hoard does not belong to you; it belongs to our grandchildren. What is the inheritance that you wish to leave for tomorrow? What seeds are you planting that you will harvest in your old age when you are weary? What seeds will bear fruit after you are no longer here?

The dragon guards the legacy of the future. All who come empty-handed, or to fill only their own pockets with gold, lie in a dusty heap of bones. You have been allowed entrance by virtue of your kindness or your spiritual practice or sheer luck. Consider, as well, that your present, this moment, is the future to the Dragon. You may be the one we have all been waiting for, so do not hesitate to take what bequest has been reserved for you since the beginning of time.

This is the time to be bold; do not delay or overthink. Remember to bring an offering for the Dragon, lest it believe you are its lunch! A simple prayer will do

5 ~ Gathering Around

There are times when you need positive reinforcement from others. Perhaps your jour ney has made you tired just before reaching the proverbial finish line, where your friends await to cheer your arrival. Know this-you are not alone, regardless of whether you think you are. People gather around to help with your next step as you bring it forth from the cosmos into the beauty of life. There has never been another you before, and you have a unique relationship with your friends, family, communities, and all those who gather to help you in the Unseen Realms.

Now is the time to allow assistance from others; ask for it and trust that you will receive it. You are safe and secure right now in this moment, truly supported in your beautiful, amazing, complicated life. You are heard by angels, witnessed by the Divine, and loved-yes, loved–now and always by Life itself.

Whatever your query, you will find the help you need to achieve what you desire, and you will not have to do this alone. Count on it.

6 ~ Repairing the Veil

Between us all is a thin veil appearing to be a space that separates us. We look through this veil and believe ourselves to be distinct from each other. We assume that our thoughts and feelings are our own. We see bodies and objects, and the space between them, so we engage the world in relationships between a duality of “us” and “them.” This veil serves as a mysterious illusion, making it so hard to believe in our inherent connection and unity. We can’t alway remember that what we do to someone else, we at the same time do to ourselves. When we claw at the veil out of fear, anger, jealousy, or resentment; manipulate another; misuse our power; or allow someone’s actions to diminish us, we create a wound felt by many, not just those of us in the smaller, direct relationship.

Now is the time to exam where your actions have caused difficulty or harm to someone else, and also where you have been the recipient of harm. Regardless of what side you are on, it’s important to take responsibility for healing this rift by bringing love, compassion, deep listening, and presence to whatever is not in harmony. Do this for you and for your own liberty, as you become and unwitting hostage once you take the role of perpetrator or victim- both positions of weakness. Let go of all your resentments, know your part in the dynamic, and make the appropriate amends with that newfound wisdom and understanding. Healing, forgiveness and mending what is broken in your world is a sweet, much needed declaration of freedom.

7- 11 is what is being activated for you during this Full Moon energy.

7 ~ Akashic Stargate

Whenever the Akashic Stargate is presented to you, it’s because you’re at a critical point on your journey. You have the opportunity to move in a particular direction and you have to make a decision. This can feel overwhelming and you may be waiting for someone or something to make the decision for you. But you aren’t here to walk a path that was set for you, you’re here to walk a path that you have chosen. The next phase of your journey cannot unfold until you decide which way to go. Know that whatever direction you take and whatever decision you make, you’ll always be on the right path. No matter how you get there, you’ll always end up in a similar space. Also know that purpose isn’t about doing your duty, it’s about living life and experiencing joy.

8~ Sirius Star Blessings

The message that comes with this gateway is a giant yes. It brings the energy of wishing on a star and seeing that wish coming true. This is a time for you to move forward with any projects or ideas that you have felt called to carry out. There is an energy of positivity, abundance, and excitement surrounding you at this time. Whatever dreams you’ve been revisiting recently aren’t dreams, but premonitions. Know that whatever you’re connecting with on the inside is soon to be something you’ll be experiencing in the physical. So think about what you desire instead of what you fear. See yourself celebrating as if your wildest dreams have come true. As you do so, you’ll be creating the perfect energy for them to manifest in your world.

9~ Angelic Frequency

Angels are drawing close at this time, so be open to signs and synchronicities that confirm this. It’s important for you to know that through your actions, choices, and service, you have upgraded your spiritual connection and your frequency. Rejoice, for you may be rewarded with abundance and blessings at this time, and you have been making choices that are not just for your own greater good, but for that of all those around you. Your guardian angel is with you now, helping you remember your infinite power and potential. Reach for the stars and trust that all the efforts you have been making, both internally and externally, will bring blessings and opportunities. The path you are on is aligned to your highest good, and the support you need is there for you. You are cherished by angels.

10~ Halls of Learning

You are on the path to great learning. Spiritual beings are drawing close to support you. If you are facing challenging or difficult circumstances or have just moved through such a time, you are being called to review what you have learned about yourself. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by a certain event or asking why it happened, call on Source and your guides to reveal to you the pattern, trauma, or wound that has contributed to this challenge. If you aren’t experiencing challenging energy, the reason is that you’ve made huge progress on your spiritual journey, so much so that your perspective has shifted so that you can view every challenge as a window of opportunity.

The Halls of Learning gateway indicates that your spiritual gifts are developing at this time.

11~ Starbeing Healing Codes

If the world seems overwhelming or intense at this time, know that it’s okay for you to retreat to a safe space to cleanse and recharge your energy. You may feel called to be a healer for others and share healing with the world, but please ensure you are balanced and filled up with light first. This is not the time for you to sacrifice your own wellbeing in order to serve others. Light beings are placing their hands upon you now, filling you with divine light that will wash away any blockages or stagnant energy standing in the way of your freedom and wholeness. Starbeings are channeling healing codes and frequencies into your being and it’s important for you to stay alert for any intuitive guidance about your body so you can be restored to health once more.

12-15 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this Full Moon.

12~ Awakening Genius

‘The ancient Greeks believed that each person had a specific genius that acted like a spirit guide, inspiring you with new ideas to further your evolution as an individual as well as the evolution of all humanity. You could say that genius is the spirit of creative expression, and when you tune in to it, amazing things happen. When your genius awakens, you real ize you do not have to do everything yourself. You have an inspired, dedicated wise helper on your side.

Today, can you imagine cultivating a playful relationship with this extraordinary spirit. If you can, you’ll recognize that you don’t have to solve every problem with only the knowledge, memories, and experiences you already have accrued. Your intellect in this case serves as a channel for this spirit of genius, and it can filter in new information. How you forge this connection is to get out of your own way and simply allow it to work through you.

The word genius comes from the Latin gignere, meaning “o bring forth or birth,” and shares the same root as the word generate. You are at this moment about to give birth to a new mode of expression–and a powerful one, at that. Commit to partnering with your genius, and only deep satisfaction and success will result. Today is a day when your inspired ideas matter.

13~ Feeling the World

Empathy reminds you that you are not alone. It is a beautiful capacity to feel the connectivity all around you, giving you a profound sense of belonging, a broader experience of being part of the larger whole. That said, it can also be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where you end and the rest of the world begins. Now is the time to be clear about your boundaries. Ask yourself whose energy you’ve tuned in to; you might find it’s not even yours!

If you are feeling “off” or drained when you’re with someone, they may be siphoning your energy. In such an instance, this connection is not good for you, no matter how charismatic the person is or how attracted to them you feel. Do not mistake codependency for doseness or allow your boundaries to become too porous. Trust your instincts and take care of you. Practice saying no. Avoid the temptation to turn off and go numb; instead be pres-ent. Somewhere in the middle of this “feeling spectrum” is where the magic is.

You’re also being asked now to be aware of how your words and actions may affect others. While it’s not your job to determine how someone will respond to you, discernment is necessary. Be firm yet kind. Keep in mind that people pleasing will not give you what you truly need. That said, your empathy is beautiful and important. It just has to be balanced in order for you to access its wondrous gifts. Today, celebrate the beauty of your sensitivity, and that of others.

14~ Call of the Muse

When you feel the call of the muse, you are being invited to create, to be the artist choreographing your life, serving on behalf of the Great Artist, Divine Source. While the process feels intensely personal, your ego and self-identification are, ironically, the most unnecessary parts of the equation.

While you might think you own the magic of your creativity, can you truly say you’re the source of the inspiration? Similar to the spirit of genius from card 29, imagine your creativity stemming from another spirit guide: the muse.

Just as the genius needs to partner with your intellect, so too does the muse need you to open your heart and let magic flow through your intuition and emotions. Stop seeing yourself as the center of the process, and instead see yourself as a partner in a creative dance. Sometimes, you might be “inside” the music and the feelings, the story, and its expression. Other times, you observe from the sidelines, watching it all flow from an unknown yet deeply intimate source.

Today your muse is calling you to be a channel and allow the creative energy to flow through you. The energy of emotion is waiting to be given a voice, a name, a shape, or a color. Journal, finish that writing project, start something new, paint, sing, dance . .. and don’t worry where any of it lands. It has its own plans for you. Your muse knows where this is all meant to go. For you, the big magic is in the experience of answering the call.

15~ A Higher View

Sometimes our lives are suction-cupped to the ends of our noses, and we can’t see beyond ourselves. This happens to everyone once in a while; we fall into an automatic response to life and react from a learned, conditioned place rather than one of awareness. Being in reactivity keeps us repeating old patterns. Conversely, the avoidance of our triggers could keep us in our comfort zone, policing our attempts at new things.

The way to be successful in your endeavor to connect with others is to step out of your sticky perception of the world. Imagine yourself sitting on the back of a bird a thousand feet above your life: Wouldn’t your perspective change? From a higher point of view, you can see for miles. You could let go of naming or blaming the obstacles in your way and instead easily discover a path to more beautiful and compelling vistas.

More can become available to you in all aspects of your life when you are able to step back and get a little distance. You can wait before responding, be more graceful in your interactions, and see how everything is connected and every experience is a gift.

The world is wide open for you today. All you have to do is move to higher ground, be mindful, and celebrate the spectacle of life’s dance.

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