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Collective New Moon pick a card 7•28•22

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your New Moon collective pick a card. How will this powerful New Moon energy influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this New Moon energy.

7- 11 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this New Moon.

12-15 is what is being activated for you during this New Moon energy.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many New Moon blessings flow to you. 🌑

Oracle decks used:

Hidden Realms Oracle by, Collette Baron Reid

Star Temple oracle by, Suzy Cherub

Lemuria Oracle by, Izzy Ivy

1-6 is what Spirit wants you to embrace during this New Moon energy.

1 ~ The Hungry Ghosts

When the Hungry Ghosts appear on your path, they may not at first seem like Allies because they represent your constant focus on the past and the consuming desire to know the future, which rob you of your true present. But, in fact, they are here in the service of alerting you to obsessive thinking and addictions: they’re masters at magnifying repetitive behaviors.

The message is for you to examine whether you’re doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. This time will be different and I have control over this are false statements and a sign of deep denial of the truth.

Now is the time to let go of that thinking. Surrender your will, your life, your heart’s desires, and all that pains you to the Divine. Order will be restored in your world.

The Hungry Ghosts also bring understanding about the distractions of life that seduce you into forgetting what you really desire. They’re asking you to become aware that what others want and what the culture dictates will make you happy may not be what’s best for you.

Don’t get caught up in outside appearances. All that glitters may not be gold at least not for you. Look beyond the veneer and you will find the true substance in your life. You deserve nothing less.

2 ~ The Queen of Light

The Queen of the Light is a beautiful Ally and comes into your life to herald success in all your ventures. She illuminates the most important steps on your path and reminds you of your own brilliance. You’re intelligent and inspired, and all your needs will be met. Remember that you’re the instrument of the Divine shining through you in this world. You’re on the correct path for your highest good.

The Queen also brings you insight into how you manifest your reality in the most miraculous ways. She promises that you’ll be shown the next right action and celebrates you as you stand brilliant, joyful, and enlightened in the present time. You’ve worked hard to come this far. You can be proud to stand tall in your conviction that in your heart of hearts, you know the truth of your situation.

Rewards for your perseverance and willingness to learn are on their way. Gratitude and acceptance are key today.

3 ~ The Fire Prince

When the Fire Prince arrives as your Ally, he lets you know that he represents the invisible forces behind all manner of manifestation, and he brings you the gift of optimism. You will be rightly inspired to move forward and take confident and assertive action to reach your goal.

Envisioning the path of the highest good with an optimistic outlook, the Fire Prince also brings you the gift of a miracle. Things come together as if by magic to create the reality you seek.

You have every reason to be hopeful. Move forward, knowing that you have everything you need and more. Just remember to share the enthusiasm, believe in others, and be optimistic for them, too, and your good fortune will multiply.

4 ~ The Mapmaker of Destiny

When the Mapmaker of Destiny appears, it’s a sign that you’re being given an opportunity to transform Fate into Destiny. At birth, each human being is given a unique map with myriad paths that intersect with one another. Your Map of Destiny shows all the places you’re meant to visit, places where you will be challenged to evolve into the highest aspects of the Self.

Remember that you’re a spark of the Divine come to Earth to experience itself in human form. As such, your path is unique. It’s also somewhat preordained, and Fate represents the events in your life that were meant to happen and that you can’t change. Fate is transformed into Destiny according to how you respond to your circumstances. Destiny offers you the ability to make great opportunities out of fated experience, so free will and choice are possible at certain points on your map.

Now is one of those times. You’re faced with a relationship or circumstance brought to you by Fate. How you respond will lead you into your perfect Destiny. Your Ally may assume the form of a soul mate come to heal your heart and be your companion. Perhaps your Challenger makes you face the things within you that must change in order for you to express your highest good. Maybe Fate brings you an Ally in the form of a wonderful new project . . . or a Challenger in the form of a failed business.

No matter which form they take, all are perfect expressions of Fate inviting you into your Destiny. Pay attention as your map unfolds now. And remember that Fate makes the map, but Destiny is determined by the manner in which you engage your journey.

5 ~ The Sacred Union

The Sacred Union is all about beautiful, true partnership. It shows you that Spirit is listening and is always by your side, helping you co-create your greatest desires and manifest your destiny. When you receive this Ally, know that you’re never alone on your path. Partnership with the Divine is yours whenever you need help.

The Sacred Union also represents the coming together of all kinds of harmonious alliances: friendship, family, business, and of course, romance. No matter what the form, this message pertains to the value of partnership and reminds you to observe the gifts bestowed upon you by this Sacred Union. This is a very positive omen.

6 ~ The Winged Wise Ones

The Winged Wise Ones represent the aid of all the angels. When you enter their realm, know that your sincere prayers will be answered according to the will of the Divine. This also represents Divine intervention and the potential of miracles to heal and transform as if by magic.

Have faith, whatever your circumstances: Heavenly beings are watching over you. The Winged Wise Ones give you a glimpse of the future by offering messages whispered on the wind. These are translated within you as inspired thought, instantly unraveling the past and revealing the present. Be aware of the Higher Consciousness in you. This is a good time to observe your thoughts through meditation. Who is observing those thoughts? That Self is kin to the Winged Wise Ones, who have come to help you soar.

7- 11 is what Spirit wants you to know surrounding the energy of this New Moon.

7 ~ Father of the Sky

Atlas carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He implores you to release your burdens to the Father in the Sky for transformation. It is time to heal and unify the divine masculine in your world. Maybe you need to forgive a father figure for your own transformation? Perhaps you have too much on your plate.

Whatever it may be, it is time to release, surrender and delegate. Ask for help. Atlas supports your higher pathway. Call on him to help you make energetic space for passion, purpose and abundance in every area of your life.

8 ~ The Visionary

You are the Visionary, awake to your intuitive perception. You have the power and potential to see the higher perspective. Asterops guides you to step into your intuitive light with love and insight for self-awareness and expansion. You are a peacemaker that inspires unity, oneness and higher consciousness.

You have the gift of inner vision and intuitive foresight. With this power, you look forward and can see your goals materializing in front of your eyes. Dream extravagantly, as your vision will manifest with courageous intent.

9 ~ The Triple Star Grid

Taygeta is calling you to unite with the Triple Star Grid that encircles our precious Earth Mother. Multidimensional transformation and higher streams of consciousness await you. You have the power to intentionally link into electromagnetic halo if our sacred planet for clear cognitive knowing’, is an intrinsic genius, embrace it.

Your spiritual growth is being accelerated so you can accomplish your higher purpose m. Your stars are aligning, and you are encouraged to balance your chakras for clear, intuitive reception. It is your destine to be of service to the collective.

10 ~ The Fallen Star

Merope, the Fallen Star, has overcome humiliation and past hurts with sweet surrender, self-compassion and forgiveness. She has risen once again as a warrioress. It is safe for you to come out of hiding. You are being encouraged to release the past with love and starlight for liberation.

Break free! Stop beating yourself up. You have a gift of freewill- use it to finally let yourself off the hook. Know that everyone has done things they are not proud of. You are stronger, wiser me enlightened because of the soul growth you have experienced. It’s time to let it go and move on.

11 ~ The Secret Orchard

Be assured that a steady flow of abundance is available to you now. Asterope reminds you that your thoughts are seeds that create either fruits or weeds in your sacred orchard. It is important to keep your midst positive so you can attract infinite possibility.

Be mindful of your unconscious negative mantras that create a mindset of lack and victimhood. Your self worth determines your wealth, so live in alignment with your divinity. When you set out to intentionally attract your desires, you will flourish with endless opportunities. Know that you are worth of plentiful joy.

12-15 is what is being activated for you during this New Moon energy.

12 ~ Crown Chakra

~The Unlimited Self~

The crown chakra is your link to the multidimensionality of your being. The seat of your soul, it gracefully connects you to the Heavens. The infinity symbol of limitlessness appears within the unfolding petals and points to your most potent potential. Here, you can delight in the divine strands of light that dance with us when we are aligned with spirit, purpose and truth.

Restore: Be present and flowing without rigid outcomes. Find more spaces in your life. Find your own way to meditate. When you are distracted, you are living on the surface level. Explore the state of flow and be receptive to the intuitive messages you may receive.

13 ~ Freedom

Bring a deeper sense of freedom to a situation. A limitation may be a state of mind. A shift of perspective can help bring a sense of lightness and choice. Also consider what freedom looks like to you, in the bigger picture of life. If you are feeling stifled in an environment, it is up to you to make a change. Add pleasurable moments or practices that cultivate a sense of greatened freedom n your day to day life.

If you are currently experiencing greater freedom, you may be feeling unsettled. Consider whether it was the kind you were looking for. If you feel ungrounded and lost, perhaps your could add some structure to your world to optimize your freedom.

14 ~ Portal Keeper

Gently explore the edges of your reality. Spend time in the forest to listen, deepen your meditation practice, dance yourself into ecstasy, explore psychic tools and study new healing modalities. If you feel lacking in purpose or life seems a little mundane, remember that there is never a reason to be bored. What we experience with our physical senses is just the tip of the iceberg. Magic exists wherever you care to find it. Look between the lines to limitless discovery.

15 ~ Crystal Keys

Be inspired to find the wisdom hidden in those times when you feel triggered. There is so much information within our raw and intense reactions that when you choose to be present with what is coming up and peel back the layers, great spiritual insights will unveil itself in a way tailored just for you. If we could all learn to see our triggers in the bigger picture, so much confrontation and upset would be lessened, power struggles and fear would diminish, and we would see greater compassion across the planet. Perspective and misunderstanding would shift, and the way people want to be loved would be experienced without distortion. Those are the seeds for peace on Earth

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