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Super Full Moon collective pick a card. 4•26•21

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your Super Full Moon collective pick a card. How will this powerful full moon influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what do you need to embrace during this Super Full Moon.

7- 11 is what is being activated during this Super Full Moon.

12-15 is your overall message during this Super Full Moon.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many full moon blessings flow to you. 🌕

Oracle decks used:

Shaman’s Dream Oracle by, Collette Baron Reid.

Earth Magic, by Steven Farmer

The Moon Deck by, Aarona Lea

1-6 is what do you need to embrace during this Super Full Moon.

1 ~ Repairing the Veil

Between us all is a thin veil appearing to be a space that separates us. We look through this veil and believe ourselves to be distinct from each other. We assume that our thoughts and feelings are our own. We see bodies and objects, and the space between them, so we engage the world in relationships between a duality of “us” and “them.” This veil serves as a mysterious illusion, making it so hard to believe in our inherent connection and unity. We can’t alway remember that what we do to someone else, we at the same time do to ourselves. When we claw at the veil out of fear, anger, jealousy, or resentment; manipulate another; misuse our power; or allow someone’s actions to diminish us, we create a wound felt by many, not just those of us in the smaller, direct relationship.

2 ~ Lay of the Land

Now is the time to exam where your actions have caused difficulty or harm to someone else, and also where you have been the recipient of harm. Regardless of what side you are on, it’s important to take responsibility for healing this rift by bringing love, compassion, deep listening, and presence to whatever is not in harmony. Do this for you and for your own liberty, as you become and unwitting hostage once you take the role of perpetrator or victim- both positions of weakness. Let go of all your resentments, know your part in the dynamic, and make the appropriate amends with that newfound wisdom and understanding. Healing, forgiveness and mending what is broken in your world is a sweet, much needed declaration of freedom.

There are times when you are meant to discover and explore new terrain in your life, even to be part of a wave of change. This is one of those times, and what you’re contemplating is perhaps new to you, but others have laid well worn paths and left wisdom for you to rely and reflect upon. This is so you have a better understanding of the potentials and possible pitfalls on your journey. When you know the lay of the land, you are better able to full experience what is being offered to you.

This is a wonderful time to seek a mentor or good advice from an expert or elder. That way, you will be able to meet life’s opportunities and challenges well informed. Knowing you have a map, now you can be curious about what else is here. This is a path that promises success in all areas. Where others before you have dared to tread, you will discover the treasures they have left behind for you to make your own.

3 ~ Net Caster

The Net Caster arrives to tell you to stop praying for the fish; they have arrived, and it’s time that you cast your net, lest they swim away. Everything that you long for is within reach. But it has been so long since your prayers were answered that you’ve forgotten how to receive what is beings offered to you. Put down the prayer beads and open your arms and your heart to rewards beyond measure. Cast your net!

Take the next step that you’ve been planning for so long. Remember that the fish wait for no one, so time is of the essence. Heaven and Earth are in perfect alignment for your victory. The stars are positioned for success. The only one who can spoil the perfection of the moment is you. If you ask “Do I really deserve this?” you will sabotage the magic and shatter the crystalline flawlessness of the now.

The Net Catcher can also arrive to bring you bad news, to tell you that you have been snarled in someone’s trap and must wriggle free. Right now it feels comfortable enough, even as the net begins to tighten around you. Do not wait until it is suffocating you before realizing you must escape and run for your life. It is still early enough to exit gracefully.

Bide your time until all the conditions are right. Go to your place of stillness, of deep quiet, and watch for the signs that a new opportunity has arrived. Right now you are patient because you feel that things will go your way. Learn to be patient with the people and situations that at are more challenging.

4 ~ Wailing Tree

When you encounter the Wailing Tree on your path, it’s an invitation to stay a while and regroup, a place for you to rest and allow yourself to say goodbye to what no longer serves. You may have been overdoing things, working too hard, or putting too much effort into life with little reward. If you’ve been considering making a change, now is the time to do so.

One important thing to consider before you make any changes is that you need to allow yourself to feel your disappointment, your loss, and mourn what was and what could not be. This is a way to honor your experience, to give yourself time to consider all the gifts in it, to put proper closure on it, to really know what you’ve learned as you walk away from it and into something new. Even in the perception of failure, there is much good to be discovered. However, skipping the stages of loss doesn’t get you to reconciliation any faster. In fact, you will discover that you will have to come back at some point. So do it all now; look at it all squarely and honestly and stay with your feelings.

Life is not “either/or”; it’s “both/and”- “this and that.” So as you dive in and process this, allow it to become a temporary travel companion on your journey. The feelings that this will bring to the surface will be challenging, for sure. Yet, like all things, they will pass soon enough, and you will be more enriched by the experience.

5 ~ Dust Devil

The presence of the Dust Devil causes a ruckus. Some people are afraid of his chaotic nature, believing that he comes to intentionally stir things up. The truth is, you can’t expect this Dream ally to “behave,” to bring niceness, to be clean. His power is in the mess he creates as he calls for you to engage in the full cyclone of life.

He represents two aspects to you now: the winds in your outer life appearing to throw you off course, where you assume the world is coming at, or happening to, you; and the winds that churn inside you, with the Dust Devil arising from your dreamscape to help you escape your invisible chains shackling you to a barren desert.

Stop asking for things to be perfect. Awkward, messy, conflicted, exuberant, and wild is how you shift. Trust this process. The Dust Devil knows what you need and when you need it. Once things settle, you will see the gleaming jewels awaiting your discovery, the wisdom awaiting integration.

6 ~ Whale Song

There are moments in life when you have a sense of deja vu- that you’ve visited this place, these feelings, this person before- and you know that a new opportunity to dance has come ‘round again. Yet there is a haunting quality to this, a melancholy as life’s mysterious fragility is also underlined. Like a whalesong that pleads for its simple notes to be matched by another, you have a short time to capture this essence and let it resonate in a way that is potentially transformative- but only if you don’t turn away.

Sometimes you may forget the moments of your humanity, your truest desires, because you’ve become so earthbound and calculating, striving and doing. You’re so overstimulated by the chase and what you’re exposed to that you forget your heart. Now it’s time to jump in the water and play, and be reminded of your creative self, your collaborative impulse to sing along, seeking harmony, beauty, purpose, and meaning. At this moment, that is your exact invitation. You will receive more than the plans you set in motion if you use this opportunity to explore, be curious, and take a much-needed break from what your mind thinks it needs to accomplish. Your heart is calling. Answer it.

7- 11 is what is being activated during this Super Full Moon.

7 ~ Desert -Vision Quest

A “vision quest” is a process whereby you spend a few days in the wilderness alone. Typically, you carry only water and some sacred items with you, and you spend most of the time praying or meditating. Many who have completed a vision quest assert that it is a powerful and even life-changing experience, and report vivid and profound revaluations. It is said that “the desert does not lie,” so partaking in this can help you discover the truth about your purpose, or at least give you some clues. It is time for you to go on a Vision quest. Designate a place in nature in which to dwell, whether for a couple of hours or a few days. Spend the majority of your time while there meditating and praying. It is best to be in a location where you can truly find solitude, even if it is in a quiet corner of a park for the afternoon. This is one of the more powerful cards. When it comes to you, whatever other messages you may have received are amplified threefold.

8 ~ Shaman ~Ancient Healing Wisdom

All illnesses, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, stem from an illness of Spirit. It may be due to soul loss, psychic intrusions, ancestral karma, or any other spiritual causes that could be contributing to the manifest condition for which you seek help. Whatever the methodologies or remedies you pursue, whether allopathic, alternative, or a combination, let the healing of your Spirit be your priority. Know that the deepest spiritual wound is the illusion of being separate from Source, God, Great Spirit, or whatever name you give the Creator. It is the trick of the mind that creates that sense of separation. This is a time for deep healing, starting with your relationship with Spirit. Call upon your spirit guides and ancestors to help you with any emotional, mental, or physical healing that you need. Call upon the Creator to assist you in mending any rift in your relationship with Spirit. Choose thoughts that support wholeness and well-being. Allow any darker thoughts or shadows to appear as well, but simply observe them as they arise in consciousness, then dissolve. See yourself as healed, whole, complete, and it shall be.

9 ~ Forest ~ Breath~

Your breathing is too shallow. Although it may feel natural , it is an unhealthy habit that causes this shortness of breath. When you subconsciously shorten your breath, no matter if this is habitual or triggered by some event or circumstance, it activates certain physiological signals that prepare your system for “fight or flight.” Another conditioned response to perceived danger is to hold your breath. This is your survival response, although it does not serve you to do so.

So. . . breathe! Inhale deeply, regardless of your concerns, worries, or problems; then let it go. Next, allow yourself to breathe a little deeper and slower a few times. Remember that every breath you inhale is a gift, and every breath you exhale is a gift. The forest is a clear reminder of how this works.

10 ~ Green Man ~ Synergy ~

You have the advantage of an incredible synergy at this time. A flow of Life is guiding you, where things just seem to fall into place as you move about your business. You are in a mutually cooperative interaction with Spirit, as your will is aligned with the will of Spirit, and your mission is congruent with your sense of purpose. When this is happening, there is a synergy, a way that your life force is continually coming into balance with the forces of Nature. There is also a synergy between your spiritual awareness and your personal self, or ego. Be aware of the various idiosyncrasies of your ego, and do not take any of them too seriously. Know that your Higher Self is always looking out for your best interests. In this cycle, tune into that guidance, however it shows up, and you will find that you move through Life with greater ease due to a synergistic balance of forces expressing themselves as you.

Spirit is constantly sending you messages on your path. Keep an eye for number patterns, repeated number sequences, animals, dreams, there are messages everywhere. As you become in-tune to this energy, your connection to the universal energy flow deepens.

11 ~ Spring Equinox ~ Rebirth

You thought this passage you have been through would never end. Just as certain that the light of the world fades every few months, it makes its return, and the Earth rejoices. The fresh breath of spring sweeps away cobwebs acquired from the absence of light. The light is now obviously increasing as Nature begins to emerge in all her many forms, shapes, and colors that remind us of the continual cycles of Earth Mother. This cycle of rebirth you are experiencing follows a considerably challenging time. Any tears you may have shed have cleared the way for what has been gestating, which is now ripe and ready to emerge. That which no longer serves you needs to be out to rest so that a freshness and newness of spirit can make itself known to you. Sometimes birth can be painful, particularly in that passage just before delivery, yet what emerges can be fresh and beautiful. Be with the emergence of this next cycle with faith and grace.

12-15 is your overall message during this Super Full Moon.

12 ~ Intuition

Our inner compass is our intuition. When we pause to listen, we expand into its wisdom. As we strengthen our relationship to this gentle yet directive voice inside, it becomes brighter and clearer. The presence of your intuition is centered, honest, loving, calm, supportive, and guided. Life feels more synchronized and happy when you awaken your inner guide. Its opposite is fear- which feels stuck, confused, anxious, overly controlling, disconnected, or heavy. We may be carrying fear from our childhood or even lifetimes ago. Yet in any moment we can choose to ask for guidance. Experiment with this deeper listening and validate what you see, feel, and hear, even if it doesn’t appear logical at first. Engage with your inner compass daily, and let it ripple into every aspect of your life.

13 ~ Sensuality

Our sensual essence is a natural part of our feminine nature. It is a creative force carrying deep wisdom. For many of us, this aspect of our being may have been repressed in some way and deep healing and balance is needed. ‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for vagina or womb, and also translates as ‘divine passage’ or ‘sacred temple.’ Your body is a sacred temple deserving of respect, honor and love. Welcome the inherent wisdom deep within as you reclaim your right to express your sensuality in a way that feels aligned and empowering to you. Honor your body and be mindful of whom you allow to enter your temple. Tune in and listen to the subtle voice inside. Celebrate and connect with your divine sensual essence. May the planet thrive with the exquisite beauty and sensual power of fully embodied women. And so it is.

14 ~ Movement

Movement awakens our creative potential and our primal essence. It is a deep-rooted aspect of our womanly nature and acts as a superfood for our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Your body dances with the song of your soul when you move and flow. Breathe deep, sweat your intentions, and empty out so you can let more in. Recognize stagnation; your body wants to move and avoiding this signal can lead to depression or build up of stress. Movement flushes out tension, drawing clarity and confidence to the surface. You’ll feel more self-reliant and generate more connected core energy. Replenish your magic and clear your head. Your body is your home and movement is your medicine.

15 ~ Joy

Many of us could use more playtime in our lives. If we March through our days being too serious, we dampen our joy, which is vital to our feminine nature. Now is the time to embrace your playful innocence. Give yourself permission to live fully in pursuit of what makes you feel joyful. The moments when you struggle with play or joy are opportunities to see what is really going on inside. Notice your tendencies to tighten up. Then, wholeheartedly invite blissful joy into every cell of your being. You have new unlimited capacity to receive and express this lighter energy. Enjoy the pleasure of life without guilt, compromise, or excuses. Allow curiosity to fill your eyes with wonder. Be like a child playing in the sand with no fear of the waves sweeping away your castle. Over time a happier outlook will become your home base. Play more and dazzle the world with your charm.

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