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Collective New Moon pick a card. 2•11•21

Hello lovelies. Welcome to your February new moon collective pick a card. How will this powerful new moon influence you? Venture below to pick your cards.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what is being activated for you during this new moon.

7- 11 are you new moon hidden realm guides.

12-15 is your overall new moon message.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many new moon blessings flow to you. 🌚

Oracle decks used:

Earth Magic by, Steven Farmer

Hidden Realms by, Collette Baron Reid

Nature’s Whispers by, Collette Baron Reid

1-6 is what is being activated for you during this new moon.

1 ~ Tree

You have been feeling scattered and spacey lately. You are not fully in your body and that is because you have not been able to get grounded. This is quite literal in that your body is made of the material of the Earth. So when you feel disconnected from your body, you are inevitably disconnected from Earth. So get yourself grounded. You can do so quite simply. With your feet firmly planted on the ground wherever you are, feel the etheric roots that extend into the Earth. Follow your breath so that each time you exhale, you can imagine these roots going even deeper. Each time you inhale, draw up the loving, nurturing power of Mother Earth. As soon as you have the chance, go outdoors and sit or stand with your back supported by a tree. Feel it’s solidness and integrity— it is simply being a tree. Breathe in the essence of the Tree Spirit, and allow this to fill you up. Walk barefoot very slowly on the ground so you can maintain this connection.

2 ~ Lotus Flower

Your spiritual unfoldment is happening at all times whether or not you are aware of it. It is inevitable as long as you put your trust in the hands of Creator, the One who holds the Light. Like the lotus, your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill karmic destiny, but even in the process there are periods of darkness and times to rest. It is a natural cycle, ones that cannot truly be coerced or halted. It has an innate rhythm of its own, one that is unique to the Being that is You.

You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition. It does no good to try to force growth upon yourself— or others, for that matter. Allowing is the key here. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light to do so whole recognizing that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and, take occasionally, suffering. Your steady faith and love will guide you on your journey of returning to the light.

3 ~ Rain

Purifying your mind, body, and spirit is the task that is put before you. Purify your mind by identifying a prominent belief that you carry about yourself that inhibits you from being fully engaged in life, from showing up 100 perfect of the tinme. Purify your heart by allowing yourself to breathe in and out blessings and forgiveness so that you can love even more deeply. Let yourself feel your grief— truly feel it— so that the rivers of your tears become miniature baptisms that help heal the wounds in your soul. If necessary detoxify your body (the temple and seat of soul). By changing your diet, doing a cleanse for a few days, or simply drinking more water. Increasing the daily amount of water you drink with deep appreciation for its purpose will revitalize your spirit. It is no wonder that in some indigenous languages, Water is call “lifeblood” as it is so essential to every form of Life on Earth. Take time to purify yourself.

4 ~ Meadow

You are in a place now where you can take risks with your feelings, and even more important, take risks with the truth of who you are – the truth you know in your heart and soul. You no longer need to be subjected to your conditional fears of letting others know who you really are.

Yes, others may judge, evaluate, criticize, and perhaps even put you down. These are very real possibilities. Yet by trusting that you have the strength to deal with these reactions – rather than responding adaptively and always playing it safe – you can more confidently allow yourself to be vulnerable. Always holding back from expressing your truth can create an illusion of safety, but armed with your trust and your faith, you can choose to be vulnerable and share your authentic self with the world.

5 ~ Rainbow

The Storm has passed, and it’s time to enjoy the refreshing beauty of this cycle, even though it has been difficult to appreciate any sense of purposefulness in what you have endured lately. You can now, as they say, count your blessings. Do not just look at the “brighter side” adhering to some academic mantra that has no heart or depth, but do so slowly and with genuine gratitude that is expressed up close and personal.

This ever-evolving process of Life itself is a blessing-an opportunity to exist as a human being on Earth. The planet is a beautiful garden, even if it doesn’t always appear to be so. Sometimes it is only when you look back at a memory of an experience that you can truly see the blessing that has come from them. Bless your difficult and painful experiences, and let them go.

6 ~ Lightning

The power available to you, the force of Life itself, is neutral. It is neither inherently good or bad. It is how you use it that will determine it is ultimately harmful or life giving and congruent with the will of Spirit that pulses through you. What is required is awareness of intention, your values, and your willingness to act them under the particularly r circumstances of your inquiry. Although to may see yourself as using this power for good, do not allow yourself to get caught up in the duality off good or bad in determining your decisions or actions. Through prayer or ceremony, you can tap into this spiritual force; and by paying close attention to Spirit’s prompting, your choice will ultimately be revealed to you, one that is beyond your typical perspective. From there, you can continue to access this Divine power that is the very force driving the universe.

7- 11 are you new moon hidden realm guides.

7 ~ The Web Weaver

The Web Weaver rejoices that your creations are far-reaching and have positive effects on the many. Every action, every thought, every word and deed, is woven into the web of creation. When the Web Weaver appears as your Ally, she grants you the way to others of like mind and intention and lets you know you’re not alone in your endeavors.

Just when you need to make a connection, like magic, synchronicity occurs. Music reverberates through the web and plays in harmony with your own. This is a sign to trust in the connectivity between all events. Magic is afoot for you.

If your query is about a relationship, the Web Weaver gives you assurance that meaningful coincidence comes through to give you reason to hope. Potential grows into reality with care and patience. Remember that the web reaches far and wide, and you’re only capable of perceiving a small part of it. Trust and pay attention to the patterns you see play out in your life. All things will be revealed through the web.

8 ~ The Arrow Master

The Arrow Master appears to help you target your intentions and teaches you how to shoot straight for the stars. The message is to be deliberate about focusing your dreams and desires with intention and about aligning your intention with Spirit. Then let them fly on the wind, directed by the Divine, until they reach your goal.

The only way to hit the target is to allow the arrow of your intention to fly unencumbered by your eagerness to see it travel exactly the way you want it to go. You may think it needs to veer a certain way to reach your goal, but in the invisible realms, human power cannot make this happen. The Divine has its own idea of how the arrow flies and upon what wind it’s carried. Nonetheless, if you don’t shoot, you’ll never score.

This is a fortunate message as long as you remember the Law of Detachment. If you do, then be assured that you’re right on point!

9 ~ The Hungry Ghosts Reversed

When the Hungry Ghosts is reversed, it’s a sign that you’ve succumbed to the fear of lack, which is whispering in your ear that you’ll fail. Whatever it is you’ve intended, you’ve stayed too long in the desiring stage. Longing and yearning have become your constant state of mind.

Are you comparing your experience with others? Do you envy their success? Do you judge yourself only on your material accomplishments? Are you afraid that there will never be enough of anything and none of your dreams will be there upon awaking reality? Perhaps you have turned to compulsive-eating, shopping, working or drinking to distract yourself.

Let go of the illusion of lack, and accept things as they are: perfect, abundant, meaningful expressions of the Divine. There will never be enough for the Hungry Ghosts that challenge you, for the only experience they know is scarcity. It’s not your job to feed them. They will lose their power to haunt you. Trust in the abundance of Spirit.

10 ~ The Hawk Prince

The Hawk Prince appears with good news: He flies into your life to alert you that a message is coming to help you manifest your destiny! Expect a phone call, letter, email, or conversation that lets you know the next step to take toward your greatest good, or to tell you that you’ve arrived at an important stage along your path.

The Hawk Prince is also the Ally for Spirit communication, so pay attention when you think you hear something important pop out at you on the radio, on TV, or in overhearing the conversations of strangers. Spirit is constantly in dialogue with you. Are you listening.

Stay open and expect Spirit to speak to you and show you the way to your prosperity in all aspects of your life.

11 ~ The Lady of the Gift Reversed

The Lady of the Gift says that the act of withholding isn’t welcome in her world. In fact, withholding information is another way to lie. Are you doing this? Perhaps someone is doing it to you: withholding something in order to keep you manipulated and controlled so you believe deep down you’re not quite good enough. Now is the time for you to address the concept of withholding. If you see this in any aspect of your life, it’s time for a change.

Fixing to others with the idea of getting something in return is also being warned against here. The best way out of this mire is to give with honesty and with an open heart- without expectation. The Lady of the Gift challenges you to be generous and compassionate. You can always start again.

12-15 is your overall new moon message.

12 ~ Infinite Blessings

Open your heart and your reality to the immeasurable gifts from nature. Loving energy is surrounding you. Love from the highest level is being showered onto you and your life. Count your blessings and remember that love is all around you. Notice these miracles and blessings as they show up in unexpected ways but always at the most auspicious time. Your life may not be exactly as you anticipated, but be sure to look for your miracles.

13 ~ Higher Ground

Move your thoughts, emotions and outlook to a new perspective. Take an overview of what is going on. Just through shifting your perspective you will see the whole situation in a clearer light. A different course may become apparent. You will be able to focus on what is most important to you. Make a cautious effort to get above the situation. If there is nothing pressing in your life at the moment, consider something that may be unresolved from the past. Use the same idea of climbing above it with the intention of healing it. Once you achieve the higher ground perspective, you may find yourself filled with peace- a beautiful outcome!

14 ~ Be True To Your Heart

In this moment, draw on the energies of harmony and union when making a choice. The current situation is best supported using intuition and not intellect. There may be difficult decisions to be made that are not necessarily about love. Consciously be aware of what interests you, what attracts your attention, what stirs your imagination and creates passion in your life. Do your best to ignore the persuasion of what others might think or say. Trust yourself and don’t allow your opinion to be swayed.

15 ~ Renewal of Peace

It is important to maintain peace with all aspects of your life mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Inner imbalances can often manifests in your daily life if you don’t make time to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re imbalance is a negative one. Being optimistic to the point of believing yourself to be invincible can also lead to challenges. Balance is best achieved through listening to your body. Take time for yourself. Allow your inner power to heal and return to being peace-filled. This will assist you and make you stronger.

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