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Winter Solstice collective pick a card 12-21-2020

Winter Solstice is bringing a very rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn. These energies are bringing a major shift in. This spread is showing us the energies of the Starseeds, Lemurians and Pleiadians and what they are bringing to the collective during this shift. How will this energy influence you? Venture below to discover your messages.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-5 is the Pleiades energy being brought forth during this alignment.

6-10 is the Lemurian energy being brought forth during this alignment.

11-15 is the Starseed energy being brought forth during this alignment.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Oracle decks by,

The StarSeed Oracle by, Rebecca Campbell

Beyond Lemuria by, Izzy Ivy

Star Temple by, Suzy Cherub

1-5 is the Pleiades energy being brought forth during this alignment.

1~The Father

Atlas carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He implores you to release your burdens to the Father in the Sky for transmutation. It is time to heal and unify the divine masculine in your world. Maybe you need to forgive a father figure for your own transformation? Perhaps you have way too much on your plate?

Whatever it may be, it is time to release, surrender and delegate. Ask for help. Atlas supports your higher pathway. Call on him to help you make energetic space for passion, purpose and abundance in every area of your life.

2~The Little Star

As the smallest star of the Pleiades, Celaeno supports you to heal your inner child. It takes courage, deep contemplation and commitment to heal past hurts, limiting beliefs and fractures of the heart stemming from childhood. Your feelings are significant. Communicate with authenticity for inner harmony and healing.

Embrace your inner child with loving compassion and your precious soul will feel unified and integrated once more. Your youthful innocence returns. You are revived! Ask yourself, what sparks your joy? Rediscover your playfulness and allow your inner child to shine.

3~The Temple

Taygeta reassures you that you do not need to seek outside yourself to find happiness, peace or refuge. Go within and find your inner sanctuary to feel centered and at home. Be mindful of where you may be placing conditions on your happiness. A different location or another person cannot complete you because you are already whole.

Desperately searching for a new home, workplace or lover to complete you is giving your power away. Happiness is an inside job. Find happiness in the sacred now by discovering your inner temple.

4~The Ancient Grandmother

You’ve got this! Everything you need to know is already inside of you. Life has taught you to back yourself. Having confidence and believing in yourself will give you the aptitude to lead yourself in the right direction and offer sound guidance to others.

Maia, the eldest sister of the Pleiades and Ancient Grandmother supports you in gaining new insights and understandings through your intuitive channels and turning your knowledge into wisdom. Your empathic leadership gently nurtures others to grow and evolve.

5~The Moonstone Star

The Moonstone Star signifies the synergy of the sacral chakra and the magical essence of the moonstone crystal. Just under the naval, the orange-colored sacral chakra I a potent pleasure zone. When combined with opalescent moonstone, this chakra unlocks portals of love. This co-creative collaboration amplifies sensual expression, personal power and self-love. It opens up powerful pathways to euphoric love.

A tantalizing new relationship, or a fresh start within an existing one, is pending. Alcyone, the Moonstone Star, encourages you to embrace this new beginning.

6-10 is the Lemurian energy being brought forth during this alignment.


Abundance , non-attachment, the paradigm of no scarcity, allowing financial and energetic gifts to flow through and create more.

When we begin to give more from a place of overflow rather than obligation, even when we think we have nothing, having it come from this mindset can only create a more abundant flow of what we want.

The being in the picture has many hands and yet still, the water is allowed to fall through her fingers. It blesses her in the moments it touches her radiant skin and then continues on its journey. Her heart is also overflowing, with love. Her eyes are filled with tears. She allows what comes through to move her, without control. She gracefully allows whatever she is feeling to be expressed and as she does so, she radiates so much light into the world.

Theme: Allowing for flow, receptivity, the path of least resistance, purity, clearly away that which no longer serves, emotions.

7~Air Paradigm Shift

We are in a time of great change, and the speed of our evolution is increasing exponentially. With our advancing technology and ability to communicate, more knowledge and power are available to us, as individuals, then we have had for centuries.

 There are also more platforms where we can share this information. We have the ability to connect with the tribes who are making a difference, to connect with a web of change where our lights unite and increase. Information that was inaccessible, taboo or shrouded in mystery or initiation, especially in the healing arts, is now available. We can engage many tools as we build energetic sovereignty and create pockets where we can choose to make big changes in our community. We can inspire others, connect the dots and receive and share the knowledge and tools needed for transformation. As we wake up, we can’t help but awaken those around us. It may start with an inquiry on what this fresh, new and long-awaited breath in is all about.

An expansive being holds a tiny heart shaped seedling. When the foundations we build on come from a place of love over fear, we will see huge positive changes in the world. We can start with ourselves.

8~Crystal Keys

Lemurian quartz crystals are special pieces of clear quartz with indented ridges running across them. They are known as seed crystals because they are said to have been found individually, buried in sand and earth, rather than attached to a large cluster the way most crystals are. Aware of their oncoming destruction, the Lemurians imbued information about how to avoid a similar catastrophe on crystals and buried them. These crystals are reappearing now as this knowledge is again relevant.

 This card is about deciphering wisdom codes. We may wonder how to access information regarding our spiritual growth as we navigate our everyday reality. This wisdom comes through inner paradoxes, when we are truly present, awed, in creative flow or a state of surrender. It may come as riddles and in the most unlikely places.

Key wisdom codes can come to us when we are triggered. They are accessible in those moments when everything becomes more emotional, dramatic, or painful than it needs to be. Here, when light shines on our shadow, we are graced with significant insight into places we can grow and evolve from, although it might take courage and a healthy does of self-awareness to embrace the wisdom of those moments. It’s amazing how much energy, freedom and expansion comes as a result of deciphering these bubbles of information, tailored especially for us. Sometimes insight is so perfectly constructed within a scenario that it gets right into out most tender spots for the perfect healing.

There are potent codes as all personal power struggles and ego problems affect the bigger picture of how the world operates. Our shadows are unresolved wisdom codes. Avoidance makes them spiral out to aid in the construction of a world we don’t actually want, both individually and collectively. When we see this information as the gift that it is, we can cultivate presence and begin to see between the lines of our inner workings. The world needs as much light as possible, so we do not have a repeat of what happened in Lemuria. Let’s allow ourselves to see our shadows as an opportunity to bring more light into our being and heal the world from these dark foundations.


Our vulnerability can be one of the greatest gifts we can share. It can also be the hardest. In our society we are conditioned to put on a façade, to be strong, even in times of difficulty. Paradoxically, being vulnerable is one of the strongest things we can be.

It is easy to armour ourselves from the harsh truths that may be too painful to bring to the light of day. However, this causes great suffering as buried pain becomes shadows. Unprocessed negative experiences can incarnate as much more troublesome traits or insecurities than their origin.

When we are truly honest with ourselves, in all of our facets, we are vulnerable. That honestly is an important step in healing. Furthermore, when we share our vulnerabilities with others, we allow them to glimpse a deeper part of ourselves. This is fertile soil for trust. It plants the seeds for others to share the places that are most raw or tender for them. Our closest friendships can be formed in this space.

The times when we feel too uncomfortable to reach out to others can be the very times we need them most. Having compassion and awareness of the struggle and disorientation others may be going through is valuable contributions to the world. Holding space where others can be vulnerable is a key element of healing work. Self-love is also connected to our ability to be vulnerable as it allows us to be true to ourselves exactly as we are without judgement.

Be vulnerable with yourself or others. It may also be time to step into the role of healer and hold space. Holding space means being fully present, without judgement, in a way that provides a safe and nurturing environment. In this place, guards can be dropped, and a deeper level of awareness and relating can unfold. Enabling unconditional love and acceptance allows for vulnerabilities to be expressed, for the core of dis-ease to be discovered, and for profound healing to take place.

10~Awakened Awareness

Beyond the veil, clearing distortion and illusion, awareness of what’s running us subconsciously, communing with our god force, energetic sovereignty, growth outside your comfort zone, the collective awakening.

This card is a reminder to wake up! There are many levels and stages of awakening. There is no on/off switch. Keep learning and putting yourself into situations where you can grow. Sometimes we do go back do sleep, so stay aligned with your inner guidance and find ways to remember to wake up.

Do what you love to keep your vibe high. This is not about instant pleasure, but the joy that is substantial and sustainable. Eat healthy, keep your body active, and have life goals but with enough space to hear the answers to your prayers.

When our energy systems becomes blocked or needs a cleanse, we can become drowsy to our vital nature. Energy clearing can help you re-centre. Shadow work may also be needed if certain things are running your mind in a disempowering and distorting way.

Find your unique way to connect to the Divine inside you — not as an external seeking but as a receptive allowing. Be inspired to see the question at hand with a different perspective. Look between the lines for a deeper interpretation.

11-15 is the Starseed energy being brought forth during this alignment.


Learning how to be human. In the world, but not of it.

The challenge for all souls having a human experience is to be in the world, but not of it. To realize that they are souls having a human experience and be fully conscious of it. To have their soul fully embody their body.

People’s personalities tend to relate to either transcendence or immanence. Those who lean toward transcendence have a longing for the heavens and the metaphysical: they yearn for a personal experience  with God and to be lost in the heavens.

Those who tend toward immanence have attached themselves more to Earth and their body. They spend more time thinking about things in this physical world rather than connecting with the heavens or their own mystical inner worlds. Being a fully embodied soul having a human experience means finding the balance between transcendence and immanence. Being in the world, but not of it.

Most Starseeds are drawn toward transcendence. They’re more comfortable with the angels and the heavens. Life on Earth can be more difficult for them. If this is you, you’re being reminded that you chose to be a soul in a body on Earth. And you’re being called to focus more of your energies in the physical world. To learn how to be human- a soul in a human body fully present to what life on Earth has to offer you.

12~Forge, Don’t Follow.

If you wait until the path is perfectly paved, you won’t be forging your own path- and you’ll likely not even take the first step. Don’t let a small detail like being unable to find someone to show you the way be the reason you don’t step forward and lead. Let it be the reason that you do.

The most courageous and needed leaders are the ones who don’t wait for permission- or until the morning they wake up feeling ready. They take a deep breath, put one foot in front of the other, and figure it out as they go. They don’t wait for someone to lead them, they lead themselves.

This is a card for leaders. You’re here to pave a path that hasn’t been walked before. To go first and lead the way for others who are calling you in. If you feel misrepresented in the media, step forward for all those who feel misrepresented. If no one’s speaking out on the topics you feel passionate about, share your unique voice.

There’s no one on Earth who comes close to possessing your unique combination of skills, gifs and life experience. Don’t look to those who have come before you to work out your path- leaders must forge their own. Do it for your daughter. Do it for you son. Do it for the younger you. Do it for the leaders who’ll follow. When you go first, you make it easier for others to follow your lead. Forge, don’t follow.

13~Breath of the Cosmos

When we rely only on our own will, we’re micromanaging the Universe and resisting the natural flow of life. We’re not trusting the mysterious breath of life. We’re rejecting the great cosmic intelligence and relying instead on our personal strength. When we do this, we find ourselves attempting to bend things to our will. We spend our time forcing, pushing and living from a space of ‘trying to.’ Everyone around us can feel it. And the Universe can too.

You’re being called to stop micromanaging the Universe and trust the breath of life. To surrender to the greater will that Spirit has for you. To move from ‘my will to thy will.’

When you surrender to the greater will of life, you begin dancing with the rest of life. When you bow to the great mystery and say, ‘Please use me, please show me the way,’ little by little you find yourself living your most  fulfilling authentic life. When you surrender your personal will- when you relinquish control and release the way you think things should be and surrender to the greater will- you find yourself being led. You begin breathing the breath of life.


Take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your life. Step away from the blinkered vision and reactive frame of mind of ‘me against them.’ Change your perspective. Shift your point of view and zoom out, out, out.

We are but a speck of dust in the Universe yet we think everything revolves around us. We see the planet as ours to own and conquer, pillaging the land and setting ourselves up for eventual extinction.

We build fences and walls and create invisible borders. Mother Earth doesn’t need us to survive, but we need Her. A new perspective is urgently needed.

We become so lost in our individual experience that we don’t realize that most of the things that keep us awake at night are actually distractions. We’re wasting our precious time and resources fighting each other when we should be coming together to heal what’s been severed.

This moment is a breath in the timeline of your life. This life is a fleeting moment in the tapestry of your soul’s experience. Your soul’s experience is a flash in the timeline of the known Universe. And the known Universe is a grain of sand in the unknown Universe. Take a moment to see the bigger picture. To find common ground. To find deep compassion in your heart. To gain a great perspective of humanity in this fleeting moment in the timeline of your soul’s existence in the timeline of all that is, was and will be.

15~Jump In

Andromeda is a spiral galaxy, the closest galaxy to the Milky Way. It is believed that Andromeda Starseeds are a group of beings who love their freedom. Very adaptable, they have a strong willingness and ability to change and go with the flow. To find the calm in the chaos. To swim with the tides. This card is here to encourage you to do the same.

Perhaps you have a significant goal or opportunity ahead of you? If so, you’re being guided to jump in. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t stall until you feel reading. However, it’s the rougher seas that teach us how to sail with glory, and once you know that, you can navigate any sea, ocean or storm.

The Andromedas want you to fall in love with surfing the waves of life. To seek more adventures. To embrace your own adaptability and find a way to be the calm in the chaos. You didn’t come to Earth to be passive. You came to Earth to truly live. Now, take a good run up and leap.

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