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Collective Full Moon pick a card.

Happy Full Moon! Can you feel that powerful energy? What are the messages for you surrounding this Full Moon energy? Venture below to discover your messages. 🌕

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-6 is what needs to be released during this Full Moon energy.

7-11 is what is being activated for you during this Full Moon.

12-15 is an overall Full Moon energy coming through for you.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. You may be drawn to more than one card for a row, that’s fine. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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May many Full Moon blessings flow to you. 🌕

Oracle decks used:

Mystical Shaman Oracle by, Alberto Villoldo ~ Collette Baron Reid ~ Marcela Lobos

Earth Magic by, Steven Farmer

Enchanted Maps by, Collette Baron Reid

What needs to be released during this Full Moon energy.

1 ~ Rainbow Reversed

The Rainbow symbolizes the seven steps of a true spiritual path, which manifest as the colors of the seven chakras. In the Himalayas, the Rainbow body is seen as the full realization of our essence. The Rainbow also represents the bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds. At the end of our lives, we am journey across the rainbow bridge to the highest heavens realms. When the rainbow appears it is an affirmation that all is well and that you are in the right relationship with Spirit.

Don’t get caught in the pursuit of the illusion of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Find the treasure now, in the moment, by coming into right relationship with those around you. All your gifts are at hand, so obvious you may have missed them. Be true with your intentions, and do not be led astray by daydreams.

2 ~ The Gatherer Reversed

Before we cultivated grains, we collected the wild bounty of nature. The Gatherer finds abundant seed, nuts, berries, and wild greens where the ordinary person sees only barren soil. The gatherer is the provider, the forager, and the gardener who collects roots and vegetables for the long winter when game is scarce. She does not hoard, trusting the bounty around her.

Do not wander too fair afield in search for what Spirit has already provided. Practice paying it forward, being thankful in advance of receiving. If you are in a scarcity mindset, open your heart and look beyond current conditions, and you will find bounty being offered to you.

3 ~ The Tree of Life Reversed

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol. Its deep roots reach into the lower world, the unconscious, while its branches reach to the heavens, the source of destiny. To be whole in your life’s journey, it is important to have deep roots and high branches. A tall tree with shallow roots falls in the first wind, but a tree with deep roots can weather any storm.

What nutrients do you need to add to your soil to grow strong? The seed of the oak will not grow on barren ground or without the light of the sun. What dreams do you want to awaken to create a mindful destiny? Reflect on how you want to blossom, the kind of fruit you want to produce, and where you want to sow your new seeds. Be a conscious creator!

4 ~ Wind

The symbol of the Wind represents the element of air; it ruled communication, thought, song, and inspired ideas. It also signifies change with qualities both positive and negative.

When the Spirit of Wind comes calling, it’s a sign of change. Perhaps you need to change your mind about something. Perhaps an old way of doing things have become automatic, and now that you’ve gained greater clarity, you can make a new choice. Regardless of what the change is, you can expect to be understood and to have clear communication with others at this time. Ideas are solid, and the shift that is being called for is in the highest good of all.

5 ~ The Sweat Lodge Reversed

The sweat lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. Volcanic stones are heated in a fire outside, then brought into the lodge and placed in a shallow hole in the center. Participates sit in complete darkness around the red hot stones to sweat away old habits and beliefs, and heal disease. When you return humbly to the womb of Mother, you are offered second chances.

Life is offering you a second chance. Take it, since it may not come your way again for a while! Mother Earth is calling you into her womb and inviting you to incubate as long as needed for spiritual rebirth. Gift yourself time to be with your darkness- your fears, yours pain, and your seeds of beautiful potential- until you come out of the other side free, wise, and full of creativity.

6 ~ The Journey

The Journey is an invitation to step outside the boundaries of your life as you know it. The Journey is not a holiday; it’s a call to be hermit like and go on a pilgrimage into the unknown. There are no maps to the territory you will be exploring, no marked paths or road signs.

The time to embark on the great journey is here! Do not linger in the port when distant shores are calling! Fearlessly draw your own navigational charts as you discover the route. When the time is right, as it is now, you will be led true, even when you are not sure of where you are going. It is the departure that is most important. If you miss the boat, a great opportunity will be lost, and another ship may not arrive for a very long time.

What is being activated for you during this Full Moon.

7 ~ Waterfall ~Effortless~

You have come to the edge of your comfort zone, there is no need to resist moving past that perceived precipice of who you are, how you can be or what you can do. Spirit is asking you to step beyond the edge and allow yourself to do so with ease.  At times physical exertion may be necessary but when performed with fluidity and grace you’ll find the movement moves you, effortlessly. Approach your current situation with awareness and grace, do not try to make it effortless as that just creates more strain. The key word here is allow, even if you are being asked to let go completely and tumble into the brink of creation itself.  You will find the waters there to be ultimately still and calm. Keep your focus on your solar plexus and your breath.  Relaxing and yielding to the movement that is occurring at any given moment makes your life effortless.

8 ~ Tsunami ~ Wake up call ~

You are getting a wake-up call. It may be in the form of a significant loss or other dramatic event in your life, typically one that you were not prrepared for initially. You may feel stunned at first, surprised by the unexpected events that are occurring. Yet you also know that it is time to draw back the curtain of avoidance and denial, and confront the truth the exists in the subtext of the event. You are experiencing a real life drama, so there is no need to amplify it more than it already is. Often when you look back after something like this has passed, you can recall the signs the forshadowed it happening. There may have been obvious clues that you ignored or omens that were so subtle they were easy to dismiss as imaginings of the mind rather than the voice of your instinct. There are many anecdotes about animals, operating purely on instinct, picking up in clues and naturally seeking higher grounds before an approaching tsunami reaches the land. To negotiate this wake-up call, listen closely to your instincts, while at the same time seeking the higher ground of spiritual truth.

9 ~ New Moon ~ Promise ~

This is the time to launch a project, a new relationship, or renew something that has been put aside for a later date. With your intention and willingness to allow a full cycle to complete itself, that which you desire will manifest. The seed of that idea is ready to emerge from the darkness of your subconscious into your full awareness. The next step is to put into action what is required to fully realize this idea.

A promise has two meanings; it can be commitment and guarantee to yourself (or someone else) that a particular thing will happen. When your will is aligned with the will of Spirit and your intention is focused upon what you wish to have happen, there will be fulfillment, and the promise is kept.

10 ~ Rainbow ~ Blessings ~

The Storm has passed, and it’s time to enjoy the refreshing beauty of this cycle, even though it has been difficult to appreciate any sense of purposefulness in what you have endured lately. You can now, as they say, count your blessings. Do not just look at the “brighter side” adhering to some academic mantra that has no heart or depth, but do so slowly and with genuine gratitude that is expressed up close and personal.

This ever-evolving process of Life itself is a blessing-an opportunity to exist as a human being in Earth. The planet is a beautiful garden, even if it doesn’t always appear to be so. Sometimes it is only when you look back at a memory of an experience that you can truly see the blessing that has come from them. Bless your difficult and painful experiences, and let them go.

11 ~ Desert ~Vision Quest~

A “vision quest” is a process whereby you spend a few days in the wilderness alone. Typically, you carry only water and some sacred items with you, and you spend most of the time praying or meditating. Many who have completed a vision quest assert that it is a powerful and even life-changing experience, and report vivid and profound revaluations. It is said that “the desert does not lie,” so partaking in this can help you discover the truth about your purpose, or at least give you some clues. It is time for you to go on a Vision quest. Designate a place in nature in which to dwell, whether for a couple of hours or a few days. Spend the majority of your time while there meditating and praying. It is best to be in a location where you can truly find solitude, even if it is in a quiet corner of a park for the afternoon. This is one of the more powerful cards. When it comes to you, whatever other messages you may have received are amplified threefold.

The overall Full Moon energy coming through for you.

12 ~ Movement

“You are in a time of positive forward motion.”

This is a time for positive momentum as you come out of a period of restriction. You’re in a stage of new adventure and discovery. You may feel compelled to take a trip, change your hair, or move your home or business. Regardless, you can’t remain where you are anymore. No matter what your inquiry, you will see your dreams take form and doors previously shut will begin to open as if by magic.

Movement is also a state of mind. The fog lifts, and you now know the actions you need to take. This isn’t the time for fear. Let it go and move forward.

13 ~ Making a Choice Reversed

“You’re required to come to a decision now.”

This is not the time to abdicate responsibility for your life. Letting others choose for you doesn’t make things easier. Don’t compromise because you’re afraid of facing the consequences of your choices. Even if you’ve opted for a difficult path, you can always make another choice in the future. There is great power in reclaiming you’re ability to choose. No one can take that away from you no matter what. Don’t give your power away. If you’re willing to be rigorously honest with yourself about your motives behind your choices, you may see the need to change things. You can change course and choose another route. Just be willing to clean up what you’ve left behind.

14 ~ Wide Open Reversed

“You are free to express your uniqueness to the world and share in all the bounty of life’s endless possibilities.”

Envy, jealousy and possessiveness are the character flaws to be careful of at this time. You or someone else is closed off, unable to remain open to new ideas or intimacy. Heed the gentle warning that too tight a hold on what or who you love, or what you aspire to, will choke the life out of that which you desire. Open your heart and loosen your grip, for what is truly yours can never be withheld from you. If another is shutting you down, let that person be. Do not try to force a door – or a mind – to open.

15 ~ Solitude Reversed

“I am comfortable in my own skin, as I detach to replenish my soul.”

Too much solitude results in isolation and separation. Now is the moment to get together with friends and join in the merriment. Hiding out will lead loneliness and negative thinking. Separation at this time is not a healthy choice.

Are you in a situation in which you feel alone? You need to share this, not keep it to yourself. By joining in with others, you’ll hear what you need to know, because Spirit finds ways to speak through them without their even knowing it. You have the key to let yourself out of this prison. You are loved… and never alone. I love you!

If you would like more information on pricing and booking details for a personal oracle reading please message me at or send a message to me on fb.

Happy Full Moon and may many blessings flow to you.

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