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Cosmic Retrograde collective spread

This week three more planets went retrograde; Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. These energies will play a major influence for you. This is a little different than the other pick a card collective spreads so please read what row is for what planet’s retrograde energy.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and ask Spirit to guide you to the cards for you. Open your eyes and follow your intuition as you choose your cards. You may be guided to multiple cards. Every feeling is relevant.

1-5 is how Saturn’s retrograde energy will influence you.

6 -10 is how Venus’s retrograde energy will influence you.

11-15 is how Jupiter’s retrograde energy will influence you.

G~W~E~A are your animal/element guide during these retrograde energies.

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I’m also doing cosmic energy oracle readings and this touches the energy influence of all 6 planets going retrograde by the end of June. PM for more details on booking a personal cosmic

influence reading.

Oracle decks ~

Mystical Shaman Oracle by, Alberto Villoldo ~ Collette Baron Reid ~ Marcela Lobos

The Enchanted Map deck by, Collette Baron Reid

Earth Magic by, Steven Farmer

Animal Voices by, Chip Richards

Saturn Retrograde Energy

May 10/11 – September 28/29

1 ~ Middle World

The Middle World is the realm of day-to-day reality, and the playground of the living. It is the present moment, where everything is happening. Yet the middle world is created by the future, not only the past, and it is a mirror of the invisible realms. When things are right in the middle world, heaven and Earth support everything. When they are not right, heaven and Earth must be brought into to order as well.

Do not try to correct in the Earth what needs to be corrected in the heavens. The resources to support the change or endeavor you are considering are not readily available to you yet, so it’s important to ask for help from the invisible realms, from the helpers in the upper world. For now, wait.

2 ~ Thunder

Legends speak of great Thunder Beings who live in the sky and call for your attention when great occurrences are meant to happen in the world. They warn when tensions in a situation are called upon to be released. Their presence in your reading reminds you of the dramatic moments in life that change everything. Both awesome and frightening when Thunder arrives, it is also a wake-up call, one that you will not soon forget.

Do you feel like unnecessary drama is waylaying your life? Could be exhausted from listening to others tell you their never-ending victim story, or could you be telling yourself a version of the same? It’s time for an about-face; you’re being wanted that to continue on this path will cause you to regret your choices, even if they appear benign or familiar. It’s time to say no to drama, both yours and others. Focus on solutions rather than problems. You are worthy of a drama free life.

3 ~ Water

Water symbolizes purification, regeneration, birth, revival, and cleansing. It signifies a evolutionary shift from former self to new self. Many myths around the world speak of a “great flood” and the new life that is revealed after deluge. Water begins without boundaries. Then, as soon as form has separated itself from water, it comes under the laws of time and life, thus acquiring limitations.

This is a time of cleansing unwanted energy and sticky feelings. Now is also a time that is pregnant with potential for you. Carl Jung talked about the maternal, womb like significance of water as a universal symbol. Water represents the potentiality of existence. It precedes and sustains every creation. Emergence from it is manifestation; immersion in it is dissolution of form. Because if this, it symbolizes regeneration. Make way for the process. You can expect it to be messy but worth it.

4 ~ The Drum

The rhythm of the drum tunes you to the beating heart of the universe. It’s wood frame links you to the trees and helps you journey to the lower world via the roots and the upper world through its branches. The drumskin gives the shaman the power to the animal kingdom. Striking the drum calls forth the power of the thunder and the rumbling of the earthquake. The drum invites a trance state where healing and prophecy happen.

You travel to the beat of a different drum. It’s time to acknowledge you do not fit a mold or role or relationship that is not in tune with you. Find your rhythm; respond to the heartbeat of the distant drum. The price you pay for lingering becomes higher with each passing day. Now is the time to move on.

5 ~ Many Paths

All paths lead to Spirit. What you bring to your journey is what will determine if yours is a path of suffering, a path of wisdom, a path of bliss, or a path of loss.

You have outgrown your current situation and risk losing your way in your own backyard. You are being called to step out of your comfort zone. Respond now, while the call is still a gentle whisper. Even though the woods look thick and impenetrable, venture in and let nature guide your steps through the dark until you reach your destination. Remember, if you do not know where you are going, any path will take you there.

Venus Retrograde Energy

May 12/13 – June 24/25

6 ~ Moonlight

“Your intuition allows you to see beyond the mundane, logical, and analytical. Follow it.”

Too much analyzing is getting you no where. Stop overthinking things. You may be exhausted from second-guessing yourself all the time and losing your footing.

Are you insecure about your ability to make good choices? Step back and regroup, and enter into a more trusting relationship with the flow of life. Don’t become overly concerned about perceived mistakes. How will you learn to dance if you don’t occasionally misstep? On the moonlit pathways, you can discover love and truth and wondrous things. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Go play, have fun, stay open, and trust.

7 ~ Strength

“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

When you see the strength card reversed, pay particular attention to your health, for this indicates that your body, mind, and spirit need strengthening at this time. Exercise, rest and proper nutrition are necessary to keep you in balance. Don’t deplete yourself through overwork, as now is the time for building your stamina.

Perhaps you feel the bonds weakening in a relationship. If they are in danger of being broken, they may need repair. Attend to them before the burden gets too heavy. Be strong, face the reality of your relationship at this time, and give it your attention, for any fragile threads may give way. Let go of whatever robs you of your life force, and trust that something better will takes its place.

8 ~ Magic Stream

“Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness.”

In a reversed position, the Magic Stream card represents swimming against the current. There are times when effort and sheer willpower result in victory and celebration, but this isn’t one of them. You can’t force inspiration, and you can manufacture true creativity, lest you borrow too heavily from others’ ideas. Neither can you make someone love you or orchestrate a series of events that might place you in a more favorable position.

Now is the time to drop the “trying” and jump into the stream and float. Immerse yourself in the experience of being fully present with whatever is true for the moment. You’ll never step into the same river twice again.

9 ~ One-Ring Circus

“You are capable and competent”

If you think that the sun won’t rise without you, then it’s time to change. Perhaps you believe no one will be there to help you, or you expect that you have to do all the work, emotional or otherwise. This is a fear based-idea and only serves to alienate you from others by taking away their right to participate.

Receiving the One-Ring Circus card may indicate the misuse of power. Give it up, let go of the need to control how the wind blows, and let others play their part. You don’t need to be invincible, have all the answers, or be the savior. Things will get done if you step out of your own way.

Yet another meaning for this card suggests that someone else may be trying to control you. This needs to be addressed. Don’t be afraid to set a boundary— this os a wonderful step to interdependence. Consider the example of two trees planted side by side sharing the sunlight equally, neither overshadowing the other.

10 ~ Goblins

“Fear is an illusion. Choose love today. Forgive yourself and others.”

Goblins are born when you’re wounded and something essential is lost in that experience. From that point on, as you forget your wholeness, they remain with you in the shadows. There, they remind you of what brought them into being, by mimicking your own voice, tricking you into believing that you’re unworthy, victimized, or unlovable. They hold you hostage through low self-worth, self-sabotage, and the feeling that you’re lacking what you need.

If Goblins pay you a visit, know that they represent the shadow of your own self, or someone else’s, and that they’re leading you into a potentially reactive situation. A Goblins card’s appearance is an opportunity for growth, however, and a signal that you must love yourself. No human is with- out flaws. The Goblins’ message is that you must release resentments and negative self- talk. Within you is the spark of the Divine. Ask Spirit to help heal you. Miracles can and do happen. Let go of the negativity.

Jupiter Retrograde Energy

May 14 – September 12

11 ~ Childhood ~ Innocence ~

Innocence is not simply the lack of guilt or shame but a quality in itself, one that you naturally possess when you come into this existence. There are challenges that you have faced throughout life that have further shaped your personality and character. You have also likely encountered moments following a disappointment or loss when you turned sour or cynical, and no doubt have had times when layers of anger or fear blocked the flow of your vitality, your life force.

Yet in spite of all this, there is a core of innocence that you can reawaken by releasing any shame that has covered over the truth of who you are. Take any opportunity to heal this shame and let it go so you can revisit that star of purity. Doing so helps you see every moment with fresh eyes and removes the filters that inhibit your light and live from coming forth. You truly are a child of Great Spirit, so allow yourself to be that.

12 ~ Wolf ~Instincts~

You have lost touch with your instinctual sensitivities. It is the result of cultural and/or religious proscriptions dictating that anything wild and instinctual is threatening and, therefore, has to e controlled or eliminated. Now is the time to overcome this limited mindset and tune in to the instinctual cues. Let the Spririt of Wolf be your teacher, and call upon this benevolent being for help identifying what those specific cues are saying.

Shed some of your inhibitions with the only guideline being to “do no harm”. Experiment by getting out of the straightjacket of familiar societal norms and listening to those sensations in your gut that are trying to give you a message. It may be a warning or an urging to take action of some sort. Take some deep breaths, and simply notice what your bodily sensations are telling you. Your mind will be the receiver of that information, and your body and mind can learn to work more closely with each other once again.

13 ~ Whale ~Breach~

In this image, the humpback whale that has burst out of the ocean expresses an almost palpable feeling of release and joy. Often when we manage to change our environment – to break through illusory blockages – we experience an intense feeling of relief and can let go of any previously held fears and assumptions of what would happen once we did overcome that barrier, whether it is material, emotional, or mental. Simply getting away from the trance of technology for a few hours and spending that time in Nature is a breach from the trappings of civilization that can suffocate us and prevent us from connecting to Earth.

It is time to take a break! Not just a coffee break, but a respite from the usual environment you find yourself in. That trip you wanted to take? Go for it. Tired of being indoors? Make it a point to get outside. You have become so attached to your surroundings that you have created within them an illusion of safety, yet it is not these things that make you feel safe. Rather, the familiarity you have imbued in your surroundings have generated this false sense of security.

Taking time away from the familiar is literally about changing your external environment in a significant way, such as doing something unusual or perhaps something you have always wanted to experience. Another perspective is breaking through the barrier of beliefs that have constricted you in any way from being who you truly are. This is your opportunity to do some intentional breaching of these through patterns, which will open you to different worlds and perspectives.

14 ~ Ceremony ~ Invocation ~

Whether through indifference, depression, life crisis, or any other manifestation of mental, emotional, or physical blockages, you have drifted from the intimacy with Spirit for which you yearn. It is important to do what you can to regain an experience of spiritual power that is contained within you and all around you. Do so by conducting a ceremony, one that involves not only Spirit but also material objects you consider sacred, your spiritual tools.

Set up an altar in a convenient area that is apart from your usual living space. Start with representations of the four major elements (Earth, Air, Fire and a Water), and then add just a few sacred objects. Set your intention for the ceremony, such as whether the purpose is for healing, celebration, or honoring a particular Earth season or cycle. Then do an invocation to call upon your Spirit Guides.

Breathe their presence, and ask these Divine beings to guide you through the process. Trust their guidance. Feel your heart beat and keep breathing. Breath is the key to the actual experience with Spirit, and creating a ceremony is the vehicle that supports this.

15 ~ Rain ~Purification~

Purifying your mind, body, and spirit is the task that is put before you. Purify your mind by identifying a prominent belief you carry about yourself that inhibits  you from being fully engaged in life, from showing up 100 percent of the time. Purify your heart by allowing yourself to breathe in and out blessings and forgiveness so that you can love even more deeply.

Let yourself feel your grief – truly feel it– so that the rivers of your tears become miniature baptisms that help heal the wounds in your soul. If necessary, detoxify your body  (the temple and seat of the soul) by changing your diet, doing a cleanse for a few days, or simply drinking more water. increasing the daily amount of water you drink with deep appreciation for its purpose will revitalize your spirit.

It is no wonder that in some indigenous languages, water is called “lifeblood,” as it is so essential to every form of Life on Earth. Take some time to purify yourself.”

Animal/Element Guide during these retrograde energies.

G ~ Gorilla

~Reflection~Respect~Inner Calm~

Amidst the fast pace and busy-ness of life, Gorilla invites you to take a deep breath and take some time to think about the things you really love in life. If there are challenges around you, there is no need to get upset by then. Gorilla takes the calm approach. Before you swing into action, take some time to feel in your body what will make you the most happy. Respect the wisdom of your “elders” and ask them for help if you are not sure what to do. They will already be there for you.

W ~ Timber Wolf

~Instinct~Guidance ~Belonging~

Wolf is one of the most powerful guides because he teaches us to trust our instincts. Your instinct is the feeling you have when you know deep down that something is not right, even if you don’t know exactly why. Wolf invites you to trust that quiet feeling inside of you that might call you to try something new. At first you might have to step out on your own, but soon you will find that you are joined by others in your “pack”. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance and help… or to offer it to others. When we come together for a common dream, there is great power in numbers.

E~ Gaia


As a great mother cares for her children, Mother Earth (Gaia) honors you for the special part you came here to play in the great creation story- simply by being yourself.

Gaia’s invitation to you is to see yourself as a special member of the family of life- very unique and wonderfully connected to everyone else. When you admire the bright colors of Parrot or the spirit of Horse; when you watch the magnificent Whale or the strength of Gorilla; as you discover the journey of a single Bee or the great vision of Eagle… you see special qualities also do yourself. Gaia’s message is that all the beauty, flow, power, strength and wisdom that you see in the natural world, you also carry inside of you!

It’s time to spend time in nature. When you take time to be outside with the animals and elements of Gaia you discover many wonderful things about life and also about yourself.

A ~ Albatross


It takes courage to set on a journey of any kind. Albatross knows that sometimes when we start a new adventure, it doesn’t always happen exactly as we planned. If we are learning something new or reaching for a dream, it can be pretty tricky to reach where we are going! Sometimes it feels like we are out in the middle of the ocean and we don’t know when we will see land again! Albatross comes to say trust yourself and the secret wings that guide you. There is no need to flap your wings and fight against the storm. You were designed for greatness. Open your wings. Reach for the stars… and enjoy the journey along the way.

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