Collective Guidance Oracle Card

Emerald Collective Guidance Card

Today Spirit told me there is a new message for the collective and a card needs to be pulled and heard. Spiritual healing is here for us. ❤️

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Oracle Deck ~ Liquid Crystal Oracle by, Justin Moikeha Asar

Return to the Atlantian Way for the Children of Light.


~Spiritual Healing~

The Master Crystal Deva Vert -el

“Come, I will hold you child, allow my warmth to surround you. Feel the mist of my healing green ray envelop and carry the message of the Absolute into the depths of your spirit. Trust now on your divinity, sacredness, and perfection beyond mind and physicality. Birthed from a single seed of love, you are the Infinity of Love’s Ocean on the shores of the universe.

I remember the time you danced with me within the skies of light, a time of joy, a time of unity and truth. We spoke of a journey that you had chosen and we opened a path that you could walk. I have not forgotten you, child of light, and I await, with many, your return. Listen now, for it was known that you may forget. You are the alpha and omega, but most important you are the highest level of spiritual love, you are infinite.

In my embrace, realize your support in the other worlds. Let me guide your breath and open the door, for the many who await you. Together as one in the joy of rhythm, enter the one true Abundance through the pulse of the Creator, the reality of Unconditional Love. You are the air in the breath of healing intent. Fear, pain, dis-ease and suffering are an illusion of man unrealized.”

Emerald in Healing

Emerald is a beautiful green gemstone, which varies in clarity from transparent to opaque, the more prized pieces being transparent. She is an old world stone mentioned in many of the world’s major religions, prized as a Jewel and an important part of the Ancient Channeling Breastplate. She has been in service for a long time and is on her way out of manifestation as a physical crystal on the Earth. As the new children of light are being born into physicality, a new spiritual healer is needed, a crystal from their world. Such a crystal is Moldavite, called from the stars by Emerald to serve the children of Earth on their journey in physicality. Moldavite will be the new Emerald, taking up the role of spiritual healing when Emerald ascends.

Emerald belongs in the Beryl family of crystals, her brothers and sisters including Aquamarine, the crystal of simplification and Morganite the crystal of quality in love. A member of the Council of Seven from ancient Atlantis, Emerald was recognized as the contact stone for the Dolphin, allowing communication between Atlantis and Lemuria until its demise. The most recognized high priestess from the Emerald Temple in Atlantis was the Lady Nada, a powerful being that is still available to us today.

Emerald has always been known as the Master healer, the foundation of which lies in the Stone’s ability to open the heart chakra and allow acknowledgement of the meaning of true abundance, the presence of unconditional love. There is nothing that Emerald can not heal, under Emerald’s guidance all healing becomes a spiritual act that holds at its foundation love in action. She stabilizes the mind and opens the emotional body, simplifying what she finds, replacing turmoil with patience, peace and optimism. Emerald is able to activate the psychic ability and is a powerful facilitator of the meditative breath. Emerald is a sacred contact stone for the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian and Lady Nada.

Your Healing Journey Today

If Emerald has come to you today, it is time to bring your spirit close and listen, you are in need of love. The time for healing has come, go inward and leave no stone unturned. At this time in your life, truth is your best friend, channel all your experiences through the heart, if it is not unconditional, it should be discarded. Emerald also reminds us that what we are facing in life is a lesson, just a steppingstone into understanding and back to your infinite self. When you are right within, your outer world will follow. Money is not abundance, love is, be the love, money will come where it is needed. New guidance may be waiting for your recognition. The Spirit of the Dolphin is with you, go to the ocean and listen through your heart, let each breaking wave pass through and heal you. (Since this can’t be done by many of us during this time, envision this will listening to ocean sounds)

Affirmation; – “In Truth, Love and Peace, I am healed.”

Body Placement; – Emerald can enter the body through the chin (Goddess Point) and all the main body Chakras. At the Third Eye Chakra it will stimulates Pleiadian contact, at the Heart Chakra it activates spirit communication (channeling) and below the feet at the Earth Star it removes toxins.

Uniting the Green Flames Trinity (A powerful Atlantian Sequence of Healing);-

Dioptase on the Upper Left side of the chest, Herkimer Diamond on the Heart Chakra and Emerald on the Upper Right side of the chest.

Dolphin Communication Trinity (Prepares a Person to communicate with Dolphins and Translate their Song with the heart for Healing and Growth);-

Angelite on the Lower Left side of the chest, Emerald on the Heart Chakra and Blue Lace Agate on the Lower Right side of the chest.

1 thought on “Emerald Collective Guidance Card”

  1. Wonderful. So apt for these times. The whole world needs the healing and remembrance of the green ray. I always think of green as symbolizing growth and rebirth too. Very interesting that crystals can ascend, I didn’t know that! Thank you. Another reminder, as with all cards pulled by myself and various others recently, that there is a reason for this outbreak and we are on the right path now to rebirth into a new world xx

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