Full Moon Stuff

Full Moon Ceremony

A Night Under the Full Moon 🌕

Here is a list of things you can do under the Full Moon. Remember the most important thing on this journey is to use your intuition as you flow through the currents of the Universal flow. Your connection is unique to you, so always do what feels right.

Energy Protection Shield

It’s important to put up protections while doing anything including full moon ceremonies. Take some deep breaths as you begin and call on your Spirit Guides and Arch-Angel Michael to cast a golden cloak of protection around you. Take your hands and put the hood over your head and at the same time envision yourself doing this. Say a prayer, “I ask that you wrap this golden cloak of protection over me. Only energies of pure love and light may enter here, everything else is released and not welcome back.” Then give thanks.

You can also do a Fairy Ring of Protection. Ask the fairies to, “surround you with their protection of love and light. Only those with pure good intentions may enter this circle.” Then give thanks.

Full Moon Etheric Cord Cutting Ceremony.

This is a cord cutting prayer for any relationships that you are bound to. When we are with people intimately we can remain attached through energy even long after the relationship is over. This is also true with friendships and family relationships. When these relationships become toxic and we wish to release them, this cord cutting prayer will help on detaching their energy from yours and also yours from theirs.

Under tonight’s super full moon, ask Arch Angel Michael to come and assist you in cutting the cords to whatever relationship is no longer serving you. Envision his sword of light cutting those etheric cords that bind you to this relationship. Say this prayer to yourself out loud.

Full Moon Release Ritual

•Sage/Poly Santo



First create a sacred place to do your ceremony, (under the full moon if you can). Place your hand on your heart and take some big deep breaths. Light your sage and say this prayer or use your own words for a prayer. Whatever feels right.

“Into this smoke I release All energies that do not serve me and my highest good;

All negativity that surrounds; And all fears that limit.”

Make sure to give thanks for the energies being released and new space being created.

Light your candles and if you can have one that can completely burn out that is great for allowing the completion of the intentions set within the ceremony.

Write on a piece of paper, Full Moon Release and put on it everything you wish to let go from your life. Bad habits, toxic relationships, friendships, and family, jobs, (because if you have faith and believe in Spirit’s path to your highest good, opportunities will present themselves where they didn’t before, surrender) negative self talk, ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that is not in alignment with You and your highest good. You know what it is, let your intuition guide you. Write it all down. Feel your energy being released into these words you write on this paper and say, “I release”, then read what you wrote on the paper. Ask Spirit for strength as you cut these things and people from your life. Say out loud: “As this cycle ends, so with it goes anyone and anything not in alignment with my me and my highest good. A new cycle begins, full of love and abundance in all areas of my life. Aho and it is so, let my manifestation be received as I release that when no longer serves me.” Take a deep breath and burn your paper under the full moon.

Full Moon Water

During the full moon take a glass jar and fill it up with filtered water. Put in stones that are water safe and non-toxic. Think about the stones you want to use and what properties are held within them. Write on a piece of paper the intention you want to put inside the water’s vibration and tape this or wrap string around it as it’s placed on the outside of the water. Sit outside under the full moon with your water. Repeat the intention written on the paper as you hold it to help further infuse the energy within. Keep outside under the full moon.

You can use this water for spells, to drink, (as long as you used non-toxic stones)or to set at your altar for your water element. Listed below are some different stones you can use in your full moon water.

Rose Quartz

Drinking a rose quartz moon water can help promote forgiveness and communication. And it can invite love and compassion into your life. Use a rose quartz to let go, forgive yourself and others, and open yourself to healthy love.

Clear Quartz

Known as an overall healer, using clear quartz in your moon water promotes energy, clarity, cleansing, and positivity. Drinking this elixir can help you stay focused and in the present. Use it to transform negative energy into positive, productive energy.


Known as a soothing stone, amethyst can promote calmness, intuition, and creativity. Drink before you go to bed to help unlock the hidden realms of your dreams. It’s good for mental health as well. This stone has been know to help with addictions, especially alcohol.

Smokey Quartz

Known for its centering properties, smoky quartz can promote grounding, relaxation, protection, and power. It’s a stone to help bring you back down to earth.

Black Obsidian

This potent stone encourages the release of negative energy. A great stone to use in a release ceremony. It’s also full of pure potential just waiting for you to tap into. So, you can draw out the truths needed to create what you want in your life.

Magick Moon Gemstone Herbal Tea Infusion

*Filtered Water ~ 100% L♡VE

*Mint, Peppermint, Apple Mint (mucus support) Lemon Balm (Calming, Stress Reliever), Orange Peel (Vit C), RosePetals (Vit C), Mullein Leaf (lung support), Stinging Nettle, Purple Dead Nettle Flowers, Cleavers*

~ All above herbal allies contain vitamin support, as well as 1 or more of the following benefits ~ Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiInflammatory


Citrine ~ Is a manifesting stone, it releases & transmutes lower vibrations, brings in balance, motivates & activates creativity & self expression.

Carnelian Heart ~ Revitalizes, stabilizes, restores vitality, stimulates creativity & success, healing

Rose Quartz ~ Universal Love, self love, unconditional love, harmony & healing.

Amethyst ~ Activates intuition, psychic abilities, spiritual awareness & Inspiration, mood stabilizer, calms & relieves stress

Quartz Crystal ~ Master Healer, clears, amplifies & protects, balances & supports the body & immune system, helps balance & align all chakras.

Biggs Junction, Oregon Jasper~ The “Supreme Nurturer”, balances the lower chakras, connecting us directly into GAIA Earth Mama, the World and all life sustained by her, it supports & protects us during difficult times, absorbs & transmutes lower energies, clears electromagnetic energies, environmental pollution, including radiation.

If you’re interested in booking an oracle reading during a full moon or any other phase in your life, you can send a message through our fb page directly at Facebook.com/MoonSistersTribe2222

Happy Full Moon Lovelies 🌕

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