Collective Guidance Oracle Card

Green Tourmaline Collective Card 3-26-20

I was drawn to pull a collective card out of a very spiritually healing deck, the Liquid Crystal. I asked what we all could gain from the current situation we are in. As I was shuffling the deck the Green Tourmaline card shot right out of the middle of the deck face up. Very clearly this card wanted to be collectively heard.

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Oracle Deck ~ Liquid Crystal Oracle by, Justin Moikeha Asar

Return to the Atlantian Way for the Children of Light.

Green Tourmaline


The Master Crystal Deva El-ba-el-m

“Join me, open the heart and feel the green ray at great velocity flow through you. Together let us embrace your Earth journey and increase your light carrying capabilities. Let us ignite the nervous system and allow a higher Light Quotient, we will accelerate the path to enlightenment.

The power of love realized through my cutting ray, let us evolve through all manner of disease, holding tight the lesson. Your every fall is a stepping stone lifting you closer to the Great Solar Angel that you are. I am with you; I stand ever present at your side.

My welcomed embrace has lifted you ever closer to your infinite light, breathe and allow it a home within you permanently. Together now with compassion and peace, we will serve the great plan to fulfillment in the heart’s united threefold fire.”

Green Tourmaline in Healing

Green Tourmaline is a dark to emerald-green, translucent mineral that, like all Tourmalines, has long striations that run down its body, allowing it to carry a large amount of light. The energy of Green Tourmaline is infused directly into the Nervous System where it raises our ability to carry light there. This gives the mineral the healing pathways of higher consciousness and higher general light frequency resulting in its reputation as the ‘Stone of Enlightenment’.

A master healing stone, Green Tourmaline can open the Heart Chakra in the presence of the spirit which allows Peace, Trust, Compassion, Patience and Non-attachment to be found and expectations to be seen as perceptions that can be released if inappropriate.

Green Tourmaline is a specialist healer for those that have issues with their father figure, finding solutions and finalizing the issues for all concerned. It is worked with extensively in Psychic Surgery, able to heal the energy bodies, deal, align and cut away that which is no longer needed, all while holding a high light frequency that delivers integrity into the work.

Your Healing Journey Today

If Green Tourmaline has come to you today, am incident, pathway or issue has caught the attention of your higher self and called it to action. Remain as open as possible and sit in a space of self-awareness, as the answer or healing path is about to present itself. Be patient, compassionate and non-judgemental of self at this time and respect how hard you are working on a higher level to make the answer clear. This is a good time for automatic writing, simply sit and ask for the solution from your highest part, write and then later, read what you have written. The doors of enlightenment are opening. This stone also presents when one has passed an initiation or moved through a level spiritually, it is a symbol of achievement, and the presence of your spirit.

Affirmation;- “I am Enlightened, my Spirit Runs through all that I do.”

Body Placement;- Green Tourmaline is a mineral of the Heart, Crown and the Base Chakras, it can also be placed at the Third Eye Chakra for migraine headaches.

Although this can be a very fearful time for a lot of us, we are being asked to step through and release the fear. When we begin to vibrate on the frequency of love magical things begin to take place. The path we are walking is the path of enlightenment. All things work out as they should. Surrender to the flow and trust in Spirit. We are in a time of the Great Awakening. What a blessing to be part of this journey in life.

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