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Choose your current Dharma

I thought this would be good time to pull some Dharma cards. Your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. I want you to really let your intuition guide you in this. If you’re drawn to multiple cards that’s ok. On the other side of each image is a word and the teachings of Buddha associated to this word. Pick a card or cards that you’re drawn to. I will flip them over later.

Leave your chosen cards in the comments below. Feel free to share this post and tag a friend who may need some guidance as well.

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Keep in mind that these cards are way different then anything I have presented so far. These cards are a guide to the things needed to walk your path. Keep an open mind and allow the words to flow though you.

Card 1 is Thoughts

Reduce your thoughts to objects and your mind will be less powerful. Look for the arguments you always use, the defenses you create, and the clever ways you see things. Look for the ways in which you repeat yourself and the many times you try to tell someone how well you behave. If you can begin to laugh at yourself, you have taken a huge step.

Watch the way you unconsciously move through your life and see yourself like a drunken driver of a car. You are not in control and you are heading for disaster. Why does this happen? Are there patterns that repeat? What are they and how do they set themselves up? Where did you learn them and why do you not know how to stop?

The human mind is one of the most sophisticated mechanisms in existence and it and it is capable off such great things. Allow yourself to become the master and kick that old drunk out of the drivers seat.

Card 2 is the Elephant

Buddha’s teachings are unlink any others. He is simply and incredibly clear. He doesn’t try to interfere and he doesn’t try to do the work for you. He insists, again and again, that you must do it for yourself. Like the Elephant who pulls himself out of the mud, you must free yourself from ignorance. You must bring light to your dark.

Wake up and practice watching. The Elephant represents discipline. This is the key to your growing awareness. Awareness is not your mind. You do not watch with your mind. You watch your mind.

As the thoughts in your mind begin to disappear, you’ll be left with a silence that is profound. As the silence grows your misery will disappear. Your confusion will go. Your fears and your misunderstandings— all will pull on you, and the desires that keep you wanting more will cease to exist. All this space that opens up will be filled with a fresh, new energy. You’ll begin to live life with enthusiasm and you will not yearn for anything. You will be fulfilled.

Card 3 is Truth

Truth is not a logical conclusion, nor is it an idea; so don’t waste your time trying to grasp at esoteric principals or philosophies that are lodged in your mind. Truth exists without an particular reason. It simply is. Truth shows itself in the clear sense of being that you know in your heart and you’ll trust it because it frees you from fear.

You’ll never find truth in the thoughts of others nor will your find it in any scripture. Holy books are like maps that can show you the way, but you must do the walking.

It is easy to believe what others say, but believing only takes you part of the way. You must be sure you want to go. Watch what you do and how you respond. Listen to what you say. Truth is unavoidable if your searching is sincere, for like existence itself, truth simply is.

Card 4 is the Buddha

Buddha said many times that you should be careful not to follow the empty words of one who is not aware. It is rare the Buddha appears, and you will be fortunate if you meet one. How will you know? A Buddha will not turn you against the world; he or she knows you must find your own way. A Buddha will not ask you to believe; he or she knows it subverts your awareness.

Be joyful and be grateful for a Buddha, for when they appear, their presence will encourage you to go where they have gone, to discover the truth of your being.

Be joyful and be grateful for the truth, or Dharma, that a Buddha teaches, for when the Buddhas speak, their teachings are helpful and their words are full in insight.

Be joyful and be grateful for those who gather around a Buddha, for they will imbibe his or her presence and spread it when the Buddha has passed.

Card 5 is the World

Buddha does not tell you to believe what he says. Belief will not help you. Instead he enjoins you to consider the idea that the world is a bubble, a mirage, and to consider its illusionary nature: he suggests you look upon the world as an object that has no significance, but he does not tell you that it is so.

You must take your time, and not jump to any conclusion. Don’t turn your back on the world just because someone says it has no meaning. It is important to engage with the world, to know its many aspects. Don’t be persuaded to take a particular view of something without determining for yourself how it is.

Your mind is very tricky and it is easy to believe things that aren’t true. It is awareness you are practicing; not belief. You must learn to be attentive to the ways of the mind. Move away from ignorance. Your own light will shine clear when your mind has ceased in its tendency to believe what others say.

Card 6 is the Awakened One

The light of the Awakened One is always shining. You will need guided by the strength of this light. The Awakened One is aware during the day. The Awakened One is aware at night. While the body sleeps, awareness continues to glow. Time and distance are of no consequence.

The shining of of the sun is strong and direct. Its light seeks out fear and unseats ignorance. Its light shines on every moment and unsettles those who sleep.

The light of the moon is subtle. It glows with a radiance that seeps into dreams. It’s shines into the unconscious and is soft and meditative.

The light of the Awakened One is always shining.

Card 7 is Heaven and Hell

There are two things you cannot hide from. The first is karma– the results of your deeds– which says there is a cause and effect to every action. Your intentions, whether you are aware of then or not, have real effects on your happiness. If you profess piety, but you are really greedy, the outcome will be unhappiness. If you profess good intentions, but you are angry, the outcome will be unhappiness. You may find ways to fool your friends, but you’ll never be able to hide from yourself. Unhappiness is unmistakeable. Heaven and Hell are not geographical locations; they are states of your mind.

Buddha suggests that you follow them eightfold path. Become mindful and cultivate a discipline of conduct. Be watchful of yourself and become more aware. Shine a light on your intentions, and is happiness is illusive, then search for a cause.

The second thing you cannot hide from is death. Everyone will die. The body is a temporary abode, and it will wither and fade away. The things you think are important will one day have no value. Buddha enjoins you to search for what is eternal. Then your life will have a totally different purpose.

Card 8 is Death

The greatest mystery in life is death. Life is infinite and science can explore it. It has a beginning and an end, and specifics that can be studied. Objectivity is an asset when life is examined; it does well under a microscope.

Love is far more mysterious. It bridges many worlds. It is more subjective and changes with each person. Art explores the world of love. Artist participate in the experience and through poetry, music, and painting, they touch on things that can’t always be put into logical terms.

Death is the domain of religion. It is one reason why the search to know oneself begins. Death is a door to all that cannot be known in life, and if you can be aware of what happens as you die, you will have stumbled onto truths we search for in meditation. Meditation is a step towards death. In meditation you will come to know you are not separate from the rest of existence. Those who die to the past and the future, find themselves in the present moment and the eternity of now. They are truly alive and death is no longer something to fear.

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