Full Moon Stuff

Full Moon Water

Full Moon Water

During the full moon take a glass jar and fill it up with filtered water. Put in stones that are water safe and non-toxic. Think about the stones you want to use and what properties are held within them. Write on a piece of paper the intention you want to put inside the water’s vibration and tape this or wrap string around it as it’s placed on the outside of the water. Sit outside under the full moon with your water. Repeat the intention written on the paper as you hold it to help further infuse the energy within. Keep outside under the full moon.

You can use this water for spells, to drink, (as long as you used non-toxic stones)or to set at your altar for your water element. Listed below are some different stones you can use in your full moon water.

Rose Quartz

Drinking a rose quartz moon water can help promote forgiveness and communication. And it can invite love and compassion into your life. Use a rose quartz to let go, forgive yourself and others, and open yourself to healthy love.

Clear Quartz

Known as an overall healer, using clear quartz in your moon water promotes energy, clarity, cleansing, and positivity. Drinking this elixir can help you stay focused and in the present. Use it to transform negative energy into positive, productive energy.


Known as a soothing stone, amethyst can promote calmness, intuition, and creativity. Drink before you go to bed to help unlock the hidden realms of your dreams. It’s good for mental health as well. This stone has been know to help with addictions, especially alcohol.

Smokey Quartz

Known for its centering properties, smoky quartz can promote grounding, relaxation, protection, and power. It’s a stone to help bring you back down to earth.

Black Obsidian

This potent stone encourages the release of negative energy. A great stone to use in a release ceremony. It’s also full of pure potential just waiting for you to tap into. So, you can draw out the truths needed to create what you want in your life.

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